#TaskerTuesday—Jon D.

jondLondon Tasker Jon D.’s Mounting Skills & Experience pitch says it all: “I have spent 40 years putting up all kinds of things in all types of rooms on all types of walls: brick, breeze, stud. With me, what goes up, doesn’t come down!” 

A seasoned DIY-er with a career’s worth of marketing experience under his toolbelt, Jon not only writes charismatic Skills & Experience pitches, he has the metrics to prove his skills are par excellence.  

Read on for how he has leveled up–literally–in Mounting tasks, and hear his expert IKEA Assembly advice. 

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What brought you to TaskRabbit?

After helping my son with a lot of DIY work on his first house, my daughter-in-law suggested looking at TaskRabbit. 

What is your best tasking memory?

I was once asked to do a task that involved building four double IKEA Billy bookcases. When I got chatting with the Client it turned out that the plan was to use them not for books, but for the 300 pairs of shoes that she owned! She was very happy with my work, and gave me an enormous tip! 

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

They have all been related to mounting items in inaccessible places! 

  1. I managed to get new light fitting in a vaulted kitchen extension about 15 feet off the ground. 
  2. I was able to fit blinds to Velux windows on a pitched kitchen roof. 
  3. I mounted a mirror high up on a stairwell wall. 

I was able to carry out all three by using a multi-purpose ladder in different formations. It’s big and heavy, but because I properly scoped these tasks before accepting them, I was prepared. 

What values and rules do you try to task by?

  1. The Golden Rule. Treat clients as I would expect to be treated. 
  2. Get as much detail as possible before the task, and point out any potential issues if I spot them. 
  3. Point out manufacturing imperfections/damage to the Client before assembling flat pack furniture, so that they can decide whether to continue or not. 
  4. Explain what I’m doing, if I feel it’s necessary. For example, why I would use different fixings than what was supplied, if I think what I carry is better. 
  5. Offer advice or opinions on task-related or even non-task-related questions in a non-judgmental way. It often results in returning Clients. 

How has TaskRabbit improved or affected your life?

My weekends are less free, but my overall time during the week is much more flexible than an office job, which I highly value. I get to meet interesting people while doing something I enjoy. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with other Taskers?

When you do an IKEA Assembly task, take surplus dowels, screws, and such with you. That way it doesn’t appear that you forgot to use them, and you can be prepared with spares in case a future task has missing or damaged parts. 

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We started with a Skills & Experience pitch snippet so we’ll end with one, too: Jon writes that he “could probably build small IKEA Besta, Billy, or Metod units blindfolded”–and we believe it! Especially after building four Billy bookcases for just one Client for her extensive shoe collection 👠👡👢👟.

It’s inspiring to know that even experienced handypeople find that skills built while tasking enhance their expertise, challenge them, and can be useful for Clients as well as for their own families. 

Are you a Tasker who builds a lot of IKEA furniture too? If so, which product/s do you think you could assemble blindfolded?!

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  1. Yes, Great points,

    Knowledge and confidence grow together allowing to grow and take on new and different challemges.

  2. Well done Jon, I’m with you. Good to hear from someone with the same approach and principles, I’m not quite there with 40 years experience yet, only 35!

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