New City + Country Launch: Bonjour Paris, France 🇫🇷

When you think of Paris, what comes to mind first? Art? Fashion? Baguettes? 

How about: TaskRabbit?

You heard that right–we’re expanding to France! First stop: Paris—the city of love, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and in more recent history, an urban IKEA at La Madeleine which will soon offer TaskRabbit’s IKEA Assembly services!


There are more layers to Parisian history and society than there are in a croissant, but here are some crumbs for your enjoyment:

  • Paris is known as the City of Light for reasons: intellectual–it was a home base for the Age of Enlightenment–and electrical–it was one of the first cities in Europe to use gas lamps to light its streets.
  • The Louvre was the world’s most visited museum in 2018. Were you one of its 10.2 million visitors?
  • Napoleon wanted the Arc de Triomphe built to convey military power and triumph, hence its name.

We chatted with two TaskRabbit team members who hail originally from France, Ségolène and Florian. Their Paris travelogue is a 24-hour adventure–read on and lace up those walking shoes!



Assuming it’s your first time in France’s capital city, don’t miss the must-see landmarks. After a walk on the Champs Élysées, make your way south to get a glimpse at the Tour Eiffel, then follow the Seine river, past the Invalides, and cross the river at the Pont des Arts to reach the Louvre. If you need a moment away from the crowd, stop by the lovely Galerie Vivienne located steps away from the Palais Royal.


After getting your caffeine fix in a hidden café on rue Quincampoix, check out the latest exhibition at the Centre Pompidou and get inspired in Le Marais, which is also a great area for lunch. Grab a bite at the buzzing Marché des Enfants Rouge, the oldest food market in Paris dating back to 1615. The market’s name is rooted in history: it translates to “Market of the Red Children” because there was an orphanage nearby whose children wore red, signifying that the clothing was donated by Christian charities.


Walk toward busy Republique and admire the art galleries and independent shops along the way. Wander to Belleville, one of Paris’ most diverse neighborhoods. Next, head to the rocky Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Its steep steps are well worth the stupendous view it offers of the iconic Sacré-Coeur which crowns the city–and is your next destination! Located in the North of Paris, hilly and artsy Montmartre is one of a kind. Its winding, cobbled streets are punctuated with little shops and charming bars–the perfect area to find a cool handmade bag, walk in the steps of Amélie, sip a glass of wine, or just enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Paris from the top of the basilica’s steps.


If you’re crazy about cheese, Le Chalet Savoyard, located in the 11th arrondissement, won’t disappoint for dinner. Don’t even bother counting the calories, it’s not worth it. Still have energy? This hip neighborhood is packed with bars, clubs, and music venues. If you like a tasty cocktail in a quirky atmosphere, L’Entre-Potes is a great place for a nightcap.  

Pro tip: It may not seem like it, but it’s easy to get away from the crowd in Paris. The City of Light is secretive and is best seen behind closed doors. Our best advice is to get lost, peep through open porches, and be curious!

That incredible itinerary has us ready to pack our bags! 🛫

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  1. Planing to travel to Paris this summer. I’m already a tasker in New York City, how would this work? Should I apply again in Paris, or can my credentials be transferred automatically?
    This is KarimaB from NYC

    1. While you can task in any of our national markets by updating your work area map, you will have to sign up separately to task internationally. You can sign up by visiting

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