Introducing: Getaround Perk for UK Taskers

Do you know how important vehicles are to the Help Moving category? More than half of Clients require a vehicle for Help Moving tasks. Taskers with vehicles receive more task invitations, complete more tasks, and (most importantly) earn more money.

“But what if I don’t own a vehicle” you might ask? You’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with Getaround (formerly Drivy), the peer to peer car rental platform to help you get on the road.

Getaround is the world’s leading car sharing platform that allows you to search, select, and book a car directly from the app. Getaround has thousands of cars nearby, ready to go for a few hours or a few days. Simply download the app, book, and unlock the car with your phone. Easy!

Claim £25 off your first Getaround rental using the code DRIVY-TSK25, and enjoy another £10* off each weekday rental thereafter by using your unique promo code (offer ends 29/02/2020).

Getaround is on a mission to reduce the number of unused cars in London and is encouraging those who own cars but barely use them, to rent them out to others. So you can be helping your business and the environment at the same time.

*If you’ve lost your unique promo code, contact support

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