#TaskerTuesday–Darrin G.


Portland, OR-based Tasker Darrin G. describes his many skills and competencies in his profile with clarity, passion, and charm. Here are a few juicy nuggets:

  • Arts + Crafts: “I’m crafty like ice is cold!”
  • Event Planning: “I manage people as well as I manage logistics.”
  • Yard Work + Removal: “I’ll put the same effort into your yard as I do mine, a certified backyard habitat and pesticide-free zone that’s admired throughout the neighborhood!”

Darrin is a fan of tasks that involve using his hands, but he also has 20+ years of professional experience including broadcast journalism for National Public Radio, non-profit development, and marketing and communications to name a few. Read on to find out why TaskRabbit is Darrin’s work of choice nowadays.

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What is the best thing that you’ve done with your earnings from TaskRabbit?

Made donations to homeless service organizations in my community. It’s so rewarding to give back.

Why did you decide to focus on your top categories–Furniture Assembly, IKEA Assembly, and Yard Work?

All three of these skills come naturally to me. I own a 120-year-old house on a large lot. Older houses need a lot of TLC, inside and out. Most of my yard is comprised of garden, and I do all the house and yard work myself. It’s a lot of work, but it satisfies my eye for detail and feels good when I get kudos from the entire neighborhood. It only seemed natural to monetize all the experience I’ve had with keeping a beautiful home and yard. As for Furniture Assembly and IKEA Assembly, I actually find those IKEA instructions fascinating, and following them carefully feels almost like a meditation. With all these tasks, it’s satisfying to see how grateful people are for the help.

What top tip would you give to people wanting to get started in one of your top categories?

For Furniture Assembly: read carefully through the entire instructions before you start! There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through only to realize something is on backwards.

What is your “special touch” to provide memorable, excellent customer service?

I listen carefully to what Clients want and reflect back their answers to make sure we both have everything clear. And I always show up on time!

What is the primary reason why you joined TaskRabbit?

To support my family and my community.

What is your unique story?

I’m very curious: I’ve spent at least five years total traveling the world, I’m an amateur naturalist and astronomer, and I read too many newspapers every day!

What is your favorite song to listen to while tasking?

Anything by Lou Reed.

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One of our favorite things Darrin shared with us speaks volumes about his spirit: I try to make every moment great; whether that works all the time or not is beside the point. It’s the effort that counts.” With this diverse resume, stellar Client reviews, and positive attitude, who wouldn’t want to hire Darrin?

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