#TaskerTuesday–Tariq W.

aatt1pw3khzzvfy5cszyTariq W. has done nearly 1,300 tasks since joining the platform in 2017. So he tasks a LOT. When he does manage to find some time between tasks, he coaches youth basketball. He’s also a bit of a unicorn in that despite residing in New York City, he has a truck, which sets him up for success in the Moving Help and Lift & Shift categories.

Read on for how this Elite Tasker shines by focusing all his time on just two task categories, and for the admirable ways he gives back to his community. 

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Why did you decide to focus on the Moving Help and Lift & Shift categories?

I joined these categories because I simply love being active. Being an athlete helps me attack moving and lifting tasks with ease–NYC’s infamous walk-up apartments are not for the faint of heart! Tough but rewarding.

What top tip would you give to people wanting to get started in these categories?

Moving Help is not a simple task, so it’s imperative that you are mindful of your body and the items you’re dealing with. Always try to make a plan when it comes to packing [up the moving vehicle] before getting going.

What is the best thing that you’ve done with your earnings from TaskRabbit?

Through TaskRabbit I’ve been able to donate funds to my church and school, and support the basketball team I coach with uniforms, sneakers, traveling expenses, and tutoring. My ultimate goal is to create a program that incorporates mentorship, education, and basketball.  

What is your “special touch” to provide memorable, excellent customer service?

I’m just myself and keep everything organic. Sometimes I tell some corny jokes and I always wear a smile. Moving is a nightmare for most Clients, so bringing an extremely positive vibe can really change the whole experience!

What is the primary reason that you joined TaskRabbit?

To support my family.

What is the most unique tasking experience you’ve had?

It would definitely have to be swimming in a pool of about 5,000 play balls in order to collect them for transport. Of course I did a few backflips and cannonballs into the pool of balls first.  🔴🔵🔴

What have been some of the most meaningful moments of your life so far?

When my brother and niece were born were big moments for me; coaching a kids basketball team has really changed my mindset on life and my focus; and joining TaskRabbit changed my life by giving me access to so much opportunity.

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Between basketballs and play balls, Tariq leans into his tasks with athleticism, positivity, and purpose. We love that he relieves Clients of nightmarish moves and puts his tasking earnings towards supporting the team he coaches. He’s leveraging the TaskRabbit platform to contribute to his community on multiple levels and that’s just the type of tale we love to hear and share!

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