New City Launch: Norfolk, VA

TaskRabbit is launching in Norfolk, Virginia!

A small city on the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk–pronounced “nor-fuhk” by locals–has a long history dating back to when Virginia was one of the 13 original colonies of the United States. A site of a major Revolutionary War battle that badly damaged the city in 1776, a site of the War of 1812 and Civil War battles, and a launch point for ships headed to the European front of World War II, Norfolk has a long military history. It has the biggest naval base in the world, with many service members and their families making Norfolk their home.

Where you can task!

Other notable Nor-folks include:

  • Ella Josephine Baker, an African-American civil rights activist who mentored other civil rights leaders including Rosa Parks.
  • Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas.
  • Musicians Wayne Newton and Timbaland are from Norfolk; Pharrell Williams is from nearby Virginia Beach; and Missy Elliott is from nearby Portsmouth. 

Other fun facts about the cities and towns within TaskRabbit’s newest metro area:

  • Norfolk’s unofficial mascot is a mermaid, which most likely came about as a symbol to welcome soldiers home as their ships sailed through the Bay.
  • Virginia Beach is the largest and most populated city in Virginia.
  • Williamsburg was the original capital city of the colony of Virginia and home to one of the country’s oldest universities, the College of William & Mary.
  • One of the first planned cities in the U.S., Colonial Williamsburg is a popular tourist attraction with a significant number of preserved buildings (some of which are said to be haunted!) and staff volunteers who dress in historically correct clothing!
  • Our very own Tricia M. who works at TaskRabbit’s NYC office, grew up in Virginia Beach and gave us some insider tips on the area:
    • Favorite Beach Spot: For a more relaxing beach day, we’d avoid the oceanfront and instead head to Shore Drive and hang out on the bay.
    • Best Dinner with a View: Chick’s Oyster Bar. The seafood is incredibly fresh and it’s always lively. As a kid, I’d always grab a handful of Atomic FireBall candies on the way out the door!
    • What Reminds Her of Home: Taste Unlimited House Sauce. I always have a bottle in my fridge!
    • Favorite Place to Cool Down with a Drink: I have to be sentimental with this answer–Waterman’s for an Orange Crush!
    • Future Virginia Beach Task: Now that TaskRabbit is available, I’ll definitely be suggesting to my parents that they hire a Tasker to help clean up their pool and backyard after the crazy summer storms.

Norfolk is also now home to the United States’ newest IKEA–now serving flat pack furniture, Swedish meatballs and now TaskRabbit’s IKEA Assembly services to residents throughout the region!

If you know someone who would make a great Tasker, here’s your chance to make some extra cash: simply invite your friends to join as a Tasker! Fill out this form once you know your friend has finished their registration. More Info

The region has so much to offer–and TaskRabbit and IKEA are now on the list! Have other favorite local spots or fun facts? Share below!

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