Fundamentals: Event Staffing

Some Taskers have described IKEA Assembly tasks as a fun game similar to putting together a puzzle. For others, the Event Staffing category opens up a world of fun new experiences. A popular category for Clients especially in the summertime (did someone say wedding season?), Event Staffing tasks take place in a wide range of settings, so for those seeking a break from monotony, this category could be ideal for you. For instance, Taskers have staffed events at:

  • The United Nations
  • A country club
  • A penthouse apartment
  • A pool house

Many Event Staffing tasks involve A to Z assistance: finding vendors, setting up, greeting guests, bartending, serving food, and cleaning up. Other times, a Tasker’s main responsibility may be focused on mixing mocktails, or passing trays of food. Whatever the ask, there’s a lot that Taskers enjoy about Event Staffing tasks, especially the chance to meet numerous new people from their communities—who could become future Clients!

If you don’t currently have the Event Staffing category on your profile, we encourage you to add it. If you already have the category on your profile, open up your availability, and look out for invitations as they start to roll in.

New to the Event Staffing category, or want a refresher in what the category involves? We’ve got you covered!

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Sample Scoping Questions to Ask in the Chat Thread:

You may have seen our blog article on “Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task.” If you missed it, check out the questions below. From what we’ve seen, Clients hiring Event Staffing Taskers often provide details up front. But if you do have questions after reading a task description, here are some that will help you scope any Event Staffing task so you can show up prepared to tackle it with ease.

  • Is there a dress code?
  • What is the venue?
  • If the event is outdoors: Is it rain or shine?
  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Is there a formal check-in process for guests?
  • Will there be other event staff as well?
  • Will I be handling food and drinks?
  • Do you need me to help set up and clean up?

Event Staffing Category Skills & Experience Pitch Tips:

Across all of your categories, a stand-out Skills & Experience pitch can seal the deal for a Client in selecting you to complete his/her task. It should be specific about your skills but also represent your personality to the Client. Check out our blog article on tips for writing Skills & Experience pitches if you’re just getting started or want to give yours a refresh. See a few examples below for great Skills & Experience pitches in the Event Staffing category:

Seasoned special event staff with 10+ years of experience working in event sales and management as well as a background in hospitality staffing including serving, hostessing, coat check, check in, trade shows, guest greeting, set up, and breakdown. – New York City Tasker 

I am a quick learner, efficient, and great at helping others navigate. In the past, I’ve organized conferences, festivals, and events. I understand the importance of being clear with instructions, directing guests, and a seamless check in experience. – San Francisco Bay Area Tasker 

As a former flight attendant, I am professionally trained to deliver exceptional service in every way. If you need staffing help of the highest quality for your event, look no further. – Washington, DC Tasker 

Tips for Acing Event Staffing Tasks

  • Ask your Client any questions in the beginning—you want to limit the amount of questions you ask during the event so they can attend to their guests. When closing out the task in the chat, I recap the job I’ve done. It serves as a great remelevate-755060-unsplash (1)inder that I’m aware of everything and ensures completion. – Kevin S.
  • I like to show up prepared with an event kit that I bring with me every time. For instance, bring a wine key; bonus points for bringing an ice scoop! Clients will be grateful that they don’t have to run out last minute for forgotten supplies. – Stephanie C.
  • I’m quick on my feet and anticipate what needs to be done. Treat the guests as if they’re friends: be friendly, personable, and accommodating. Lastly, I reassure the host that I got it, so they can relax and enjoy their party. – Kathrin K.

Q&A With Top Event Staffing Taskers

Do you have a memorable Event Staffing experience?

I had a Client fly me to a different city and put me up in a hotel to plan and work a weekend of events for their company’s annual meet-up. My favorite part of this weekend was having dinner with many of the CEOs from the conference. I learned so much from them and how they think. – Kevin S.

I once was hired to cook Cajun food for a pagan witch’s birthday! The party itself was New Orleans themed with a live jazz band! All of her guests were interesting people and I had the best time talking with everyone and hearing their stories. – Sarena P.

One time, I worked at the United Nations and helped a Client advance his education initiative. He has one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time. Getting to staff this event was a privilege! – Sam R.

I had fun staffing a kid’s birthday party that had a petting zoo and pony rides. Another event had adults playing Clue with full-on accessories in a pool house. – Kathrin K.

I was hired to staff a wedding reception, and my Client loved the celebratory cigar lounge that I created! – Anonymous

Do you have an Event Staffing specialty that Clients hire you for?


I am known for my stellar mocktails. Creating custom drinks to compliment Clients’ tastes, color schemes, and the theme of the party challenges me creatively and always surprises guests. Another specialty is food preservation and fermenting, so I love nothing more than impressing Clients with homemade syrups, mustards, pickles, shrubs, and other epicery that their guests can only find at an event that I am staffing. It adds such a special touch that many Clients have hired me solely to make preserved/fermented foods for them or teach them how. – Sarena P.

What do you like about Event Staffing tasks?

Events have an energy all their own! It’s hard work but being part of a team that brings it all together to pull off an amazing event feels very rewarding. – Stephanie C.

Always a different venue. Environment is usually fun and upbeat. Often lots of leftovers 🙂 – Cher H.

The excitement of engaging with different people and attending all types of events, especially in New York City–the possibilities are endless. – Bexsyra M.

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Thanks again to Kevin S., Stephanie C., Kathrin K., Sarena P., Sam R., Cher H., and Bexsyra M. for sharing your Event Staffing experiences with us and completing these tasks with such professionalism and positivity. Have any Event Staffing experience or tips that you’d like to share? Comment below and let fellow Taskers know!

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