#TaskerTuesday—Jason P.

Like many among us, Tasker Jason P. used to suffer from credit card debt from high-interest loans–until he became a Tasker. Now, Jason is debt free and even has the financial freedom to treat himself and his dog to steak dinners whenever the mood strikes 🐶🥩.

Beyond financial freedom—which is no easy feat!—Jason has gained something special from tasking: friendships. One of his favorite aspects of tasking is getting to connect with Clients on a personal level, which turns a task from a simple transaction into both a repeat Client and a friend.

Read on to learn how Jason has managed to pay off his loans, and how he excels at forging these Client friendships through tasking.

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

After working for several years for a large corporation, I thought tasking would be a great way to apply everything I had learned there and throughout my life to being my own boss. I still work part-time but love the freedom of tasking. I can make my own hours and have been able to pay off debts. And I love developing the trust and friendships of those I help in my community.

You task in the Furniture Assembly, IKEA Assembly, and Delivery categories. Why did you pick them?

I have always enjoyed assembling my own furniture and appreciate it getting done correctly—just like a puzzle. I pride myself on completing others’ furniture as well. And having a car in the Bay Area (where many people don’t own cars), I feel as if I’m truly helping those in my neighborhood who can’t or don’t have transportation easily available.

What tips would you give to new Taskers just starting out?

First and foremost, be an expert in your selected categories. Second, always ask Clients as many questions as you need to get a feel for the task. Make sure that it’s the right fit for your skills and that you have the right tools and a good estimation of the required time. Third, communication is key. If you’re running late, or the Client needs to reschedule, simply work it out with them. That’s what the chat is there for!

What is your “special touch” to receive great Client reviews?

I love being able to connect with Clients on a personal level and building trust. I try to be as organized and efficient as possible so I can leave my Clients with peace of mind. I also like to try to assist with any other projects that may come up during a task. While chatting with a Client during one Furniture Assembly task, I learned that he had a broken light bulb and a light fixture that needed to be replaced. I checked on my phone and saw there was a hardware store a block away, so I offered to grab the replacement parts and ended up installing it right then. Now, I have a repeat Client and friend for life!

We love hearing stories of the friendships that form between repeat Tasker-Client relationships. With a little luck and some great communication skills, it’s easy to offer your other services to Clients, gain that second task with them, and build your professional and social network!

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