New Canadian Cities: Calgary + Edmonton!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing our task management network to two new cities in Canada’s beautiful province of Alberta. The cities are Calgary and Edmonton!

Our Canada launch in 2018 was so successful that we figured we’d put some spring in our step this month by adding two new cities in one go. If you’re in Calgary or Edmonton and looking to earn extra money by helping people, then register to be a Tasker today!

It wouldn’t be a launch (times two!) if we didn’t include some fun facts about the new cities we’re expanding to. So, let’s take a hop toward…


Did you know Calgary’s western roots earned it the nickname “Cowtown” despite not having many cows? And if you’re into rodeos, you’re in the right place. The Calgary Stampede, Calgary’s famous rodeo is a huge event held annually in July that might bring you in some tasks (Waiting in Line, anyone?!).

Here are a few more reasons to love Calgary:

  • Calgary was ranked #5 Most Livable City in the World in 2017 by Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • The wind in Calgary has a nickname: Chinook. It’s a hot, dry, westerly wind that flows over the Rocky Mountains. It can raise winter temperatures so substantially that you can be shoveling snow in the morning and getting a tan in the afternoon.
  • Want to task indoors during those freezing cold winters? Calgary has you covered! You can walk 18 kilometers throughout its downtown area without ever having to set foot outside! These 15 above-ground tunnels, known as the Plus 15, connect over 100 buildings.
  • Or, if you prefer to spend your flexible time off outdoors, check out Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada’s second largest urban park. Here, you have 80 kilometers of trails to explore! And don’t forget about Banff National Park, which is just 90 minutes away.
  • You might think Calgary is obsessed with youth, but really, people are just…well…young. The average age in Calgary is 36.4 years.

And hopping along toward…


…where it sometimes stays sunny all day. Well, almost. Edmonton is the northernmost North American city with a population over one million, and on the first day of summer, it gets a whopping 17 hours and 3 minutes of daylight. (More time to task? That’s for you to decide!)

But there are other reasons we’re excited about Edmonton:

  • Edmonton loves its arts scene. With over 30 annual festivals year round, it hosts the Folk, Fringe, and Street Performers festivals, to name just a few.
  • Sometimes you need a day off. Perhaps on the golf course. If you’re in Edmonton, you can choose from 70—yes, seven-zero—golf courses.
  • If you like wildlife, check out Elk Island National Park. It’s less than an hour away and is home to free-roaming bison, elk, deer, and moose.
  • Edmonton is home to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America.
  • Edmonton is one of North America’s largest cities by area. It’s bigger than the entire country of Cypress in the Mediterranean.

We’re so excited to bring the flexible future of work to the people of Calgary and Edmonton! TaskRabbit’s network’s network is ever-growing, and we’re so proud to be at the forefront of blazing that trail.

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  1. What about Montreal ?? Is their a near future plan for the City of Montreal

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