Fundamentals: How to Succeed in Shipping Tasks

Shipping tasks, which arrive through the Personal Assistant category, can run the gamut from simple (like a run to the post office), to delicate and strategic (like ensuring souvenir bottles from a trip to wine country make it all the way home intact), to the large scale production that Tasker Tarrell M. took on:

“I had to pack up a Client’s 3-story, 3-bedroom apartment and ship it all within 24 hours to South Africa. It was grueling, but fun at the same time! This task took a lot of tape, boxes, smiles, coffee, and laughs to get the task done, but it also required me to remain optimistic and display positive thinking, as the Client was—naturally—stressed. But since she saw me keeping so calm and focused, it made her feel more at ease. We still talk to this day, and she sends my Tasker profile link to her friends because I did such a great job on that task!”

Whoa! This tasking story definitely helps explain Tarrell’s 100% metrics across the board.

If you don’t currently have the Personal Assistant category on your profile so you can receive Shipping tasks, we encourage you to add it. If you already have the category on your profile, open up your availability, and look out for invitations as they start to roll in.

New to Shipping, or want a refresher in how to pack and ship with accuracy and finesse? We’ve got you covered!

Suggested Scoping Questions to Ask in the Chat Thread:

You may have seen our blog article on “Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task.” If you missed it, check out the questions below. The specific questions below that top Taskers suggested will help you scope any Shipping task so you can show up prepared to tackle it with ease.

  • Do you already have boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, and other materials–or should I plan to purchase and bring these supplies?
  • Have you already packed boxes, and do you just need shipping? Or will this task include both packing and shipping?
  • Will any of the boxes be heavy and require the ability to lift?
  • Are the shipping labels printed? If not, please make sure I have all necessary shipping info to be able to print labels at the store.
  • Are you planning to ship fragile items?
    • If the Client already has boxes packed, ask them to leave boxes with fragile items open so you can inspect them and ensure they’re packed securely.
  • Do you have any accounts with FedEX, UPS, USPS or other major shipping companies?
    • This is especially pertinent for business Clients.
  • Is anything you’re shipping of high value, and would you need additional insurance?
  • Would you like me to send you tracking info within the chat thread?
  • Are there stairs in your home? I want to prepare for carrying boxes up/down flights.
  • Clarify the Client’s preference, if any, regarding speed for getting the task done versus safeguarding against damage. This will help ensure a quality outcome and that hours you bill for align with their expectations.

Personal Assistant: Shipping Skills & Experience Pitch Tips:


Across all of your categories, a stand-out Skills & Experience pitch can seal the deal for a Client in selecting you to complete his/her task. It should be specific about your skills but also represent your personality to the Client. Check out our blog article on tips for writing Skills & Experience pitches if you’re just getting started or want to give yours a refresh. See a few examples below for how Taskers have called out their Shipping skills:

“Expert level packing and shipping experience with: hundreds of fragile collectible fine alcohol bottles all over the US (with zero breakage); eBay seller with over 250 items sold and shipped out; dozens of fine art pieces custom crated and shipped.” – San Diego Tasker

“You’ll be in safe hands whether it’s for help moving or helping your business pack and send out items. I’ve racked up may hours over the years packing and shipping my own designs/products from my shop all over the world, with many hours spent in post offices, wrapped up in the world of bubble wrap and packing tape.” – London, UK Tasker

“As a 10 summer Postmaster of Yosemite’s high country post office, packing & shipping IS what I do!” –  Portland Tasker

Shipping Tips from Top Taskers:

We reached out to some of our highest rated and top-billing Taskers who excel at Shipping tasks to find out what they recommend for success. Many thanks to Nicholas J., Adam S.,  Jim B., Tarrell M., and Bethany J. for sharing their experience and advice!

“Clients want their items packed safely and securely, and to arrive promptly. They are looking to you to get it done professionally and with a smile. Always present the Client with various shipping options in terms of delivery speed, along with the various costs. Carry your own sharpies and post-it notes so you can label boxes. Always communicate when you need to take a breather. Lastly, categorize, categorize, categorize. Put like-minded items together in an organized matter. This really will set the bar for you as a precise, detail-oriented, and organized Tasker.” – Tarrell M., NYC Tasker

“Be cautious of your surroundings and the objects you’re working with. It’s never fun when something breaks, so it’s better to put extra padding around glass, valuable, or otherwise fragile objects.” – Adam S., Boston Tasker

“I make sure to have a very clear understanding of what a Client needs. I stay focused and energetic and pay close attention to detail. I find that anticipating any hiccups before they hold up a task, such as having enough supplies, is a great way to win points. If I’m doing a task with another Tasker, I try to coordinate efforts to make things as expeditious and seamless as possible.” – Bethany J., SF Bay Area Tasker

“Come prepared to handle packages efficiently. Bring at least one dolly, packing tape, cling wrap, a truck of adequate size, and prepare yourself for stairs and anything that could make the task difficult. I also never schedule another job after I plan a packing job—they often take longer than people imagine.” – Jim B., SF Bay Area Tasker

“Be good with organization, and have lots of patience.” – Nicholas J., Chicago Tasker

Why Taskers Enjoy Shipping Tasks:


“I enjoy meeting different people from various industries and walks of life with a broad range of packing and shipping needs. As an 80’s baby who grew up playing Tetris, I think it helped prepare me for packing gigs that require a strategic problem-solving mindset.” – Adam S.

“I love being able to take control and initiative in this category. Clients expect you, as the professional, to go above and beyond, and they rely on you to get the job done without much supervision. It eases a lot of Clients’ concerns knowing that I want, as much as they do, to ensure everything they ship has the best chance of arriving unscathed.” – Tarrell M.

“I had a Client that I worked with over a period of six months. I was largely in charge of inventory intake and shipping of outgoing items. Since the company was relatively new, I had the opportunity to help them create processes for tracking and storing inventory. Knowing that I’ve participated, in a small part, in trends in the global economy is super cool. I love visiting different businesses and meeting people who work at them. The view from “my office” is always changing!” – Bethany J.

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Thanks again to Nicholas J., Adam S., Jim B., Tarrell M., and Bethany J. for completing Shipping tasks with such professionalism and positivity. Have any Shipping experience or tips that you’d like to share? Comment below and let fellow Taskers know!

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