#TaskerTuesday – Matt G.

cdbp8wccspg8ksdfi8pxHave you ever noticed that the more you enjoy something, the more you invest in it (both time and money), and the more you want to do it and perfect it? Tasker Matt G. from San Francisco is a perfect example of this self-fulfilling circle.

Since he started tasking almost a year ago, Matt has been investing part of his Tasker earnings back into keeping himself and his business healthy. And that investment has obviously paid off, with Matt maintaining superb 100% positive reviews!

Read on to discover Matt’s commitment to self-development, and how it’s helped him in more ways than one.  

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What’s the best thing you’ve done with your TaskRabbit earnings?

Lately I’ve been investing my money in myself a lot—particularly my fitness. The exercise I get tackling tasks helps, but it’s better to have actual workout equipment to keep my mind and body healthy. I also use my earnings to build up my personal tools supply, which makes me a more versatile Tasker and makes me feel more confident tackling new categories and tasks.

What was your path to becoming a Tasker?

I grew up in New York, and in a series of very lucky events during my military career, I moved to California. Even luckier still is that I met the love of my life at a concert. My gorgeous girlfriend Hade has stuck by my side through my military career and has dealt with me being overseas for almost a year. Now that I’m out, we live together in our apartment with the cutest Pomeranian puppy you’ll ever see. Since finding TaskRabbit, things have just fallen into place professionally and personally. Although it’s been a crazy journey, I feel like everything that got me to where I am now was all worth it.

Why did you decide to pick the categories that you’re in?

I’m in a broad set of categories—everything from Painting to Pet Sitting. I made this decision based on my military “training.” By that I mean I was always packing up and moving frequently, and I picked up a lot of skills along the way. Since I didn’t have networks in many of the places I moved, I had to rely on myself more. I especially enjoy the Help Moving category, because I like to help people move smoothly through an already difficult transition.

What tip would you give to other Taskers in one of your skills?

Furniture Assembly is a great skill, but sometimes the instructions are unclear. What I like to do is read the booklet front to back, identify the parts to focus on, and “build in my brain” first. This ensures a smooth task with only minor speedbumps rather than building something incorrectly and having to start over.

What is your “special touch” to give Clients a great experience?

I think it’s as important to be friendly toward Clients as it is to be skilled. Usually, a Tasker is hired for some kind of improvement in a person’s life. If you could improve their moods as well as their quality of life, why wouldn’t you?

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We love Matt’s outlook on life, and his commitment to investing in himself. While everyone has different goals of what they’d like the spend their Tasker earnings on, we think self-improvement is always worthwhile.

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