Real or Fake Tasks?

To celebrate April Fools’ Day, check out the below task descriptions and write in the comments if you think these tasks were really requested on our platform, or if they’re too outrageous to be true!

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Instagram Post - BB

Instagram Post - Childbirth

Instagram Post - FakeBachelor

Instagram Post - FakeBreakup

Instagram Post - IGHubby

Instagram Post - Wedding

10 comments on “Real or Fake Tasks?

  1. Most of them look real. Which are the fakes?

  2. It will not let me comment on any of these tasks however I feel that 1,4 & 6 could be real while 2,3 & 5 seem just too outrageous

  3. Will u tell us which is real or fake ?

  4. Paterne Roger Zang Effa

    All are fake

  5. They are all real, I’ve done some unbe6things too!

  6. One of my funnier ones was: “I need you to build a bench in my yard. I have no tools or wood.” 😕 so basically build a bench from scratch… 😂

  7. One of my funniest ones was: “I need you to build a bench. I don’t have any tools or wood.”

    So basically, from scratch 😲 😂

  8. Idara Abasi

    Most are real

  9. Kyra TaskRabbit

    Thank you all for your comments! The fake ones are:
    – I need help breaking up with my girlfriend and picking up a box of my stuff from her place.
    – Distract my kid for me while I finish a presentation and catch up on the latest Bachelor episode.

  10. All seem plausiblly real, given my experience

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