#TaskerTuesday – Aubrey E.

Have you ever taken a leap into the unknown? Whether it’s relocating to a new city or quitting a job you’re unhappy in, it can be scary—particularly if you don’t have a fluffy financial cushion to fall back on. But what if landing on your feet could be a choice, and not simply a prospect to hold you back?

Tasker Aubrey E. felt chained to her insurance office desk in Denver when a friend’s referral introduced her to TaskRabbit. Initially, it seemed like a fanciful means to plot her escape. But then it transformed into something more—a new path toward a brighter future. Read the rest of Aubrey’s story below!

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

I was stuck in office jobs that left me unfulfilled, and I was craving the freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms. A friend/Tasker in San Francisco encouraged me to try TaskRabbit as a new way of working. He referred me in the Denver market (where I lived at the time), and I really enjoyed it!

A few months later, I decided to move to San Francisco and take the plunge to make TaskRabbit  full-time. My coworkers at the insurance office thought I was crazy, but I made Elite in my first two months, and have been going strong ever since!

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit helped you overcome?

TaskRabbit has really challenged and pushed me to have self-discipline. I am responsible for my success, so it’s up to me to keep my calendar up to date, follow up with Clients in a timely manner, and be ready to task every day.

What is your best tasking memory?

Getting hugs and huge thanks from an Organizing task Client who had been struggling with her apartment for years. We ended up having a marathon session to clear out her closets, bedroom, and office. We were able to get all her clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings off her bedroom floor and into the closet for the first time EVER. She was also finally able to access her bedroom window—it had only taken two years!

The place looked stunning by the time we were finished, and she couldn’t believe how much living space she actually had. We were both so exhausted and delighted with the results, and I felt so rewarded by the experience of changing the quality of her home life!


What’s your special approach to being a Tasker?

TaskRabbit lets me run my own business, so I treat it as such. I am professional, positive, and enthusiastic with every Client. I always try to exceed expectations, and I try to get to know each one on a personal level whenever possible.

How has TaskRabbit improved or changed your life?

It has completely changed my life! I went from unfulfilling jobs in offices and restaurants to having variety and freedom to work where and when I want. Before TaskRabbit, it seemed nearly impossible to build a business for myself from the ground up, but with the support TaskRabbit offers, I’ve done just that.

Working with TaskRabbit has shown me I have the skills and discipline to work for myself. More importantly, it has allowed me to discover talents that could potentially be life-long career pursuits.

What has been the biggest reward about your transition into tasking?

Being able to have complete control over my life and my business—a dream come true!

Any other advice or stories you’d like to share?

I’ve been so encouraged by Clients who have chosen me as their first Tasker. Whenever it happens, I take the opportunity to give them a great impression of what TaskRabbit is all about.

The gig economy is very competitive, so standing out by exceeding expectations is a huge part of building your business. This job is what you make of it—you can excel by being a brand ambassador for yourself and TaskRabbit!

We agree with Aubrey. There’s real power in being your own advocate and choosing to be the best person you can be—both in life and while building your business!

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