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Save Time and Money on Taxes ⏰ 💵

The more business expenses you deduct, the less you’ll pay in taxes. But tracking and organizing expenses is time-consuming and cumbersome—right? Wrong! We’ve partnered with Everlance, the #1-rated mileage-and-expense tracking app, to make this easy.

As part of our commitment to helping Taskers thrive, we’ve partnered with Everlance to offer you 3 months FREE of Everlance Premium. A free, basic version of Everlance is also available to Taskers here.


How can Everlance help you? This depends on your situation, so we’re covering a few of the most common situations below.

#1 – Do you already have all your 2018 business expenses in one place?

If you do, that’s a great start! Without Everlance, the next step would be to organize them, assign them into categories in Excel, and give them to your accountant—a process that can take days and cause lots of stress.

With Everlance, you can simply take a picture of each receipt, quickly categorize them, then export an Excel or PDF report for your accountant or tax software.

#2 – Do you have a debit or credit card just for business?

If you do, great! That makes it easier to track your expenses, but you’ll likely still need to spend a few days translating your bank statements into categories in Excel, like “tools and supplies,” “parking and tolls,” and “advertising expenses.”

Instead, with Everlance, you can simply sync your card and then easily categorize each transaction, then easily export an Excel or PDF report for your accountant or tax software.

#3 – What if you didn’t track your expenses for 2018?

If you didn’t track your 2018 business expenses, a helpful thing you can do is sync your bank account with Everlance, then go back and categorize your business transactions as work-related. Then, you can simply export a report for your tax software or your accountant, so you can still get as many deductions as possible.

#4 – How can Everlance make your life easier next tax season?

Track your mileage and expenses starting now with Everlance, and next tax season you’ll save big on taxes and stress—not bad!

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Overall, Everlance can help you capture more deductible expenses, pay less in taxes, and have a clearer view of your business finances. If you’re not tracking your Tasker mileage and expenses, you will probably overpay on your taxes.

Everlance is also helping Taskers file free or get 50% off—potentially the biggest tax filing discount you’ll find. To get this early-bird special, simply download Everlance, the #1 rated mileage tracker with this link, and Everlance will email you the TaxAct discount.

Want to learn more about saving on your taxes as a Tasker? Watch one or more of Everlance’s quick videos to get the low-down:

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