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Waiting in Line Fundamentals

Need intel on what the hottest restaurant in town is? Interested in catching a limited-time exhibit at a museum but not sure what’s new? Ask a Tasker.

Clients often hire Taskers to creatively fulfill all sorts of hopes and dreams, and Waiting in Line is just one way Taskers make these dreams a reality. If you regularly task in the Waiting in Line category, you might just become a go-to community resource on everything popular happening around town! Some of our recent favorite Waiting in Line tasks include:

  • Scoring a specific size of boots at a sample sale.
  • Reserving seats at a bar before a March Madness basketball game.
  • Reserving bowling lanes for a birthday party.
  • Grabbing donuts/cronuts as soon as the bakery opens early in the morning (and perhaps grabbing one for yourself too 🍩).

If you don’t currently have the Waiting in Line category on your profile, we encourage you to add it. If you already have the category on your profile, open up your Availability and look out for invitations as they start to roll in.

New to the Waiting in Line category or want a refresher in how to put your best foot forward? We’ve got you covered!

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Scoping Questions to Ask in the Chat Thread:

You may have seen our blog article on “Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task.” If you missed it, check out the questions below. They’ll help you scope any Waiting in Line task so you can show up prepared to tackle it with ease.

  • If the task is to wait for an item or a reservation:
    • What is the best contact number for you?
    • Under what name should I make your reservation?
    • How many people will be in your party?
  • If the task is to wait for a delivery or home inspector:
    • Will you be present during the task? If not, will you be available via this chat?
    • How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?

Waiting in Line Category Quick Pitch Tips:

Across all of your categories, a stellar Quick Pitch can seal the deal for a Client in selecting you to complete his/her task. Check out our blog article on tips for writing Quick Pitches if you’re just getting started or want to give yours a refresh. When you provide a mix of relevant experience, expertise and professionalism, and colorful personality, you compel Clients to hire you! See a few examples below for great Quick Pitches in the Waiting in Line category:


I’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World dozens of times; I’m an expert at waiting in line! Let me handle this for you while you focus on higher-level tasks. 

From my Black Friday days and as a former extreme couponer, I’ve had plenty of experience with waiting in lines, identifying ways to be efficient with how I wait in line, and helping friends purchase items that were hard to obtain. I maximize value!

I’ve been waiting in lines since 1968, although those first years I was probably held, twisted around a parent’s leg or darting about. I think I’ve perfected strategies for the wait. I can conserve my energy for the long haul. 

Waiting in Line Tips from Top Taskers:

We reached out to some of our highest rated and top-billing Taskers in the Waiting in Line category, and here’s what they recommend for success:

  • Clarification. Follow the Client’s specific instructions, and always ask for clarification if you don’t understand something.
  • Time management. Confirm details with your Client both before the task, and upon arrival to let them know you’re in line, and how many people are in front of you. Invoicing the Client once the task is complete is the best practice to formally document the total time spent on the task.
  • Dress for the location you’re going to. If you’re waiting for reservations at a fancy restaurant, consider dressing for the occasion with slacks and a blazer. If you’re waiting for concert tickets, a sneaker release, or a pre-sale event for a new phone, comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate layers may be in order!
  • Be courteous. With Waiting in Line tasks, you’re in public representing yourself, your Client, and the TaskRabbit brand. Being professional and polite is one of the best ways to generate more business leads or rehires—and represent your Client is in the best possible light.
  • Document progress. Sending Clients a photo of your position when you arrive to the line—and another once you score the thing you’re waiting for—can be a fun way to build rapport and mutual excitement!

Read on for how Taskers follow their own advice!

Kubvoruno D.

One way that Kubvoruno tasks his way toward a Masters in Intelligence Studies is by waiting in line at popular Washington, DC restaurants. He said, “If it’s a restaurant that I’ve become familiar with, I set realistic expectations with the Client about how much traffic they get and how early I have to arrive. I also send the Client a picture showing that I’m in line at the time we agreed upon. Lastly, when I arrive at the restaurant, I tell the Client how many people are in front of me.”

Kubvoruno advises that if you’re running late, notify the Client as soon as you can and provide an updated ETA. But to avoid that situation in the first place, he always gives himself wiggle room. For example, he consults Waze for up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, which helps set expectations with the Client. Kubvoruno said, “That way, if I get there early, I will have exceeded the Client’s expectations. But if I’m going to be late, I keep the Client informed.” This transparency helps give Clients comfort that you’re on top of the task and will course correct as needed.

Kevin E.

Boston Tasker Kevin E. shared his wisdom about how seemingly simple tasks like waiting in line can be strong drivers for your business on the platform. Kevin said that unlike tasks in other categories, he’s never met any of his Clients face to face for a Waiting in Line task, and most of these task descriptions have included specific instructions to get in and get out. But despite the seeming simplicity, he shared, “I always go above and beyond the literal meaning of ‘waiting in line.’ My father was a refugee from the KHMER rouge in Cambodia and worked super hard to raise me. I learned my work ethic from him, which I bring to any work environment I’m in.”

Maybe that’s why Kevin gets hired repeatedly by returning Clients. “I have one Client who hires me in every category because she knows she can rely on me. And inevitably, that’s what you want all past and future Clients to have: trust that you’re reliable for future hires!”

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Unlike other task categories, Waiting in Line can be opportunities to socialize with strangers, or a way to pop in some headphones and podcast it up. Build your Client base through Waiting in Line tasks by embracing the tips that Taskers shared above, and get excited for moments like the one Kubvoruno experienced: “Recently, a restaurant hostess greeted me by name and asked, ‘You’re here, what, for the 4th time this week?’ The fact that the hostess greeted me by name cracked everyone up!”

Do you have any memorable Waiting in Line task experiences to share? Comment below!

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