Fundamentals: Making the Most of Waiting in Line Tasks

Ever tried to snag a table at the new brunch spot only to find a two-hour wait? Or wanted to buy tickets to a concert for your son’s birthday but you also have to go to the grocery store? We’ve all been there, which is why Waiting in Line is a category where Taskers can shine. 

Waiting in Line is just one way Taskers help to make Client dreams a reality. If you regularly task in the Waiting in Line category you might just become a go-to community resource on everything popular happening around town! Some of our favorite Waiting in Line tasks include:

  • Scoring a specific size of boots at a sample sale.
  • Reserving seats at a bar before a basketball game.
  • Reserving bowling lanes for a birthday party.
  • Grabbing donuts/cronuts as soon as the bakery opens early in the morning (and perhaps grabbing one for yourself too 🍩).

New to the Waiting in Line category or want a refresher on how to put your best foot forward? We’ve got you covered!

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Scoping Questions for Waiting in Line:

There are plenty of scoping questions to ask before a  Waiting in Line task. Here are just a few to help you tackle any Waiting in Line task with ease: 

  • If the task is to wait for an item or a reservation:
    • What is the best contact number for you?
    • Under what name should I make your reservation?
    • How many people will be in your party?
  • If the task is to wait for a delivery or home inspector:
    • Will you be available via this chat in case of questions?
    • How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?

Skills & Experience Pitch Tips:

A Waiting in Line Skills & Experience pitch is your opportunity to let your creativity and expertise shine through. When you provide a mix of relevant experience, professionalism, and colorful personality, you compel Clients to hire you! See a few examples below for great Skills & Experience pitches in the Waiting in Line category:

I’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World dozens of times; I’m an expert at waiting in line! Let me handle this for you while you focus on higher-level tasks. 

I’ve been waiting in lines since 1968, although those first years I was probably held, twisted around a parent’s leg or darting about. I think I’ve perfected strategies for the wait. I can conserve my energy for the long haul. 


Waiting in Line Tips from Top Taskers:

  • Clarification. Follow the Client’s specific instructions, and always ask for clarification if you don’t understand something.
  • Dress for the location you’re going to. If you’re waiting for reservations at a fancy restaurant, consider dressing for the occasion with slacks and a blazer. If you’re waiting for concert tickets, a sneaker release, or a pre-sale event for a new phone, comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate layers may be in order!
  • Document progress. Sending Clients a photo of your position when you arrive at the line—and another once you score the thing you’re waiting for—can be a fun way to build rapport and mutual excitement!

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Unlike other task categories, Waiting in Line offers unique opportunities to socialize with others in line, discover the latest spot around town, or just provide time for listening to a new podcast. 

Build your Client base through Waiting in Line tasks and get stoked for  moments like Tasker Kubvoruno D. experienced: “Recently, a restaurant hostess greeted me by name and asked, ‘You’re here, what, for the 4th time this week?’ The fact that the hostess greeted me by name cracked everyone up!”

Do you have any memorable Waiting in Line task experiences to share? Comment below! 

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