#TaskerTuesday – Kathrin K.

fp3wbw3fmlvlbuoewqixLA-based Tasker Kathrin K. has an impressive track record of close to 600 tasks spanning Minor Home Repairs, Furniture Assembly, IKEA Assembly, Organization, Painting, and more. She joined TaskRabbit primarily to support her family and tasks in addition to her work as a voiceover artist/actor and yoga teacher/holistic bodyworker. 

As we honor Women’s History Month every March, we want to dedicate this week’s #TaskerTuesday to the growing community of female Taskers who are powerhouses in traditionally male-dominated categories

Read on to find out how Kathrin’s unique combination of hard and soft skills have made her so successful on the TaskRabbit platform—and a handy asset to her Clients!

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What is the best thing that you’ve done with your earnings from TaskRabbit?

I’ve gotten to travel home to Germany three times in the past 2 1/2 years to see my family, especially my baby nephew, who was born last March! Before becoming a Tasker, flying internationally that often would have been a struggle, but now I have the financial ability to make it happen, which means so much to me.

Why did you decide to join these categories?

I’m best qualified in these categories, and I enjoy them.

What top tip would you give to people wanting to get started in one of your categories?

When Clients hire me in the Organization category, I make suggestions and give them options, but let them decide what works best for their lifestyle. It empowers them and helps them participate in the decision-making. That way I don’t impose my opinion or style on them, and ensure my process takes into consideration the Clients’ ways of life.

What is your “special touch” to provide memorable, excellent customer service?

Communication is key of course, but I’ve also noticed that some Clients are overwhelmed with daunting tasks. I always reassure them that the end result will be beautiful and that I have lots of experience to help set their minds at ease. I also let them know that the scoping questions I ask will allow me to complete the task as they envision it, so the more info they provide me, the closer my work will align with their desired outcome. I’m also very personable, and as a yogi (with the motto “Be the Light”), I love leaving Clients in a more calm state than when I met them—and always with a smile on their face.

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Every Tasker in every category helps Clients cross items off their to-do lists–it’s what makes the TaskRabbit platform go ‘round! This month, we’re celebrating female Taskers who prove that they are the right person for any task—no matter the category. Thank you for embodying one of TaskRabbit’s core values: leading the future together!

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  1. ☆ You are creative, as I am☆ Have you requested a ‘ CREATIVE ‘ category to TASK RABBIT?.

    1. TaskRabbit already has a handful of creative categories. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are entertainment (which includes performing), writing, and crafting.

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