#TaskerTuesday – Dave F.

Not every Tasker has been doing Tasker-like work since age 13, but Dave F. has. At this young age, this Philadelphia-based Tasker started working for a handyman and continued working for him off and on through high school–and the rest is history.

And quite the history it is. Dave is one of those Taskers who came to the platform with an amazing array of experience: 10 years as a Maintenance Technician at an industrial manufacturing facility, multiple contractor licenses and trade certificates, and a skill-sharpening tenure as a lead plant technician at a facility where he took over all of the electrical and HVAC, including robotics and industrial automation. (Can you say impressive?)

After moving to Philadelphia with his wife, he got his current daytime job as a maintenance engineer at a local coffee roastery. Believe it or not, he found TaskRabbit after hearing it mentioned in a stand-up comedy routine! Now, he has an impressive array of tasks under his belt and is a trove of knowledge for new and experienced Taskers alike.

Here’s what Dave had to say when we chatted with him:

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You’re a relatively new Tasker. What’s the best part of your experience so far?

Since I work during the day and do TaskRabbit at night and on the weekends, it has allowed my wife to stay home and take care of the family. It has also allowed her to have this opportunity [to do something she enjoys] while I do something that I enjoy!

How did you pick the categories you task in?

When I joined TaskRabbit as a Tasker, I tried to select tasks that played to my strengths. I now have 7 total categories that I accept tasks in: Mounting, Minor Home Repairs, Electrician, Plumbing, Furniture Assembly, and IKEA Assembly. The underlying theme is the same: construction and maintenance. It truly gives me joy doing these things. It also makes me happy to do something that will help improve someone else’s quality of life.

What’s your top category, and what’s your advice for Taskers wanting to task in it?

My most requested category is Mounting. For me, the most important thing for any task is to come prepared. I bring a variety of hand tools and my trusty Milwaukee M12 1/2 inch hammer drill, which can drill into wood, metal, concrete, and tile. I also have a kit I carry with me that contains a large variety of screws and concrete and drywall anchors—from light-weight picture nails up to 250 lb. drywall and concrete anchors. It not only saves you time, but it will also make your Clients happy by saving them time—and money.  

What’s your special touch when it comes to tasking?

Like any good Tasker would recommend, I try to explain to Clients the work I do and why each aspect of it is important. I also try and compliment Clients’ homes. This not only gives them confidence in what I’m doing, but it also lets them know I’m respecting their homes. The Client’s confidence in you is, in my eyes, as important as the quality of your workmanship.

What are the top 5 moments of your life so far?

  • Meeting my wife
  • Marrying my wife
  • Deciding to have children (none of my own yet)
  • Getting my dream job
  • Getting to being a stepdad

It truly excites us here at TaskRabbit when we hear about people not just using our platform to earn extra money, but also finding joy in the work–and human connections—they make while doing it. Thanks, Dave, for the inspiring story!

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  1. Dave is spot-on with regard to carrying the proper tools for drywall, brick and concrete + a wide range of quality fasteners and anchors. If mounting is one of your task areas, having the right stuff on hand is a tiny up-front investment that makes ALL the difference.

    His comment about complimenting the client’s home is also relevant. TRUST and comfort are key!

    Great information Dave. Nice to see you’re doing so well. 🙂

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