#TaskerTuesday – James L.

It’s hard to find a category that Northern-California Tasker James L. gvjxrrul47hymgevacf4is NOT tasking in–Minor Home Repairs, IKEA Assembly, Help Moving, Decoration, Pet Sitting, Office Administration, and beyond! His nomadic childhood, passion for skateboarding, background as a trained artist, and experiences as a victim of natural disaster have all contributed to the variety of skills and interests that he offers Clients.

We love his “special touch.” Read on to hear more about his story—and his great advice!

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What is the primary reason you became a Tasker?

My mom told me about TaskRabbit, since she is a Tasker herself! I was skeptical at first, but it started a revolution in my mind about new ways to utilize skills I never thought I had. It also seemed like a great opportunity to meet people.

What’s the best thing you’ve done with your TaskRabbit earnings?

I lost my living and job in the California wildfires of October 2017. I had no idea what to do because everything I had was gone. If it weren’t for TaskRabbit, I would never have been able to get out of our homeless situation. It helped me stay motivated and recover. Now I have an ideal house and a new full time job. I still task for extra income.

How did you decide to join the categories you task in?

I chose categories where I had the most experience, and also based on which ones I thought would have high demand. They also seemed to be the most fun!

What top tip would you give someone who wants to become a Tasker in one of these categories?

Make sure that you fully understand what’s expected of you to perform the tasks that the category can generate. Have an open dialogue with the Client about all aspects of the job before even accepting. Once you’ve accepted a task, double-check with the Client if you think the task may require another Tasker to help or a special tool. Also, always follow the directions–especially for furniture assembly!

What is your special touch to provide memorable, excellent customer service?

I like to treat Clients as if we are all figuring it out together, while at the same time creating a professional and safe environment. It’s good to find ways to relate to reduce any awkwardness that can sometimes result from meeting first through an app, and transitioning that first conversation to a face-to-face situation. Double-check to see if the Client needs anything else done, and after the task is complete, always mention that they are welcome to hire you for future tasks if they would like! Always shake hands and make eye contact—it goes a long way. Be professional, yet casual.

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No matter your background, you have skills that Clients are looking to utilize! We are so impressed by how James turned a disaster into an opportunity, sharing with us that “I wasn’t really prepared for that, but TaskRabbit helped reintroduce and redefine my relationship with the professional world.”

One thought

  1. I lost my job unexpectedly in Nov. 2018. At the same time, I was told the Condo I was renting was being sold and had until the end of the month to move. So not only was I now unemployed, I also have a Pitt Bull, very friendly mind you. So I have had to put all my belongings in a storage, and some things in my niece’s basement, and brought all my tools. My son and I are now living in her home, he on a mattress in unfinished basement and I took over her toddlers room. After being in the same job for 5 years, its awkward and scary trying to find a job and not knowing if you are able to do the job but desperately needing work. I went from making a good living wage to $0. My 23 yr old son and family from afar have been trying to help pay bills, car notes, ins. etc. so its been rough. I’ve always been independent and this experience has me feeling ashamed, worthless, and like I’m a burden on my family. I turned to task-rabbit because I need the flexible hours to train in Home Inspection, have my license but need hands on in the field. Praying things change for the better and that I can get my life back.

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