An Ode to Valentine’s Day: Tasker Love Notes

In celebration of the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked Taskers to share “love notes” about tasking, a product near and dear to their hearts, a Tasker buddy, the app, or other TaskRabbit related subjects. Behold these declarations of love that might just make your metrics blush!

We love that Taskers got so creative, thoughtful, and a bit saucy with their odes to vacuums, screwdrivers, IKEA furniture, app features, and beyond!

If you’re interested in spreading the love by helping Clients in your community check off their to-dos (such as belated flower or gift deliveries, or having a home cleaned for a loved one) make sure to open your Availability over the next few days.

Some of our favorite items that have been delivered by Taskers on Valentine’s Day in the past?

  • A chocolate heart box–with the chocolates replaced by chicken nuggets 🍫
  • A head of broccoli with a bow around it 🥦 = 💐
  • A heart-shaped pizza 🍕

Let us know in the comments section if you have any noteworthy (pardon the pun) Valentine’s Day tasks this year!

Thank you to all Taskers who shared their love with us. Special thanks to Ellen, Eric, Christina, Brett, Janet, and Josh, whose notes are posted here, for putting your love out there! 💚 

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