New Country Launch: Scotland!

Our expansion across Great Britain is moving fast! Today, we’re excited to announce that our network is now live in the beautiful (and dare we say magical?) country of Scotland!

While we’re trying not to focus on how much we hope one of our Taskers will be the first person to finally track down Nessie, we’re still pretty excited to be launching here—in not one but two new cities: Edinburgh and Glasgow.

And speaking of Scotland being a fantastical place, here are some fun facts about it that you might not know:

  • Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. Yes, the pointy-horned, mythical horse. What could be more appropriate for this magical country?
  • Scotland has the shortest commercial passenger flight in the world—from Westray to Papa Westray. At just 1.5 miles, it takes Loganair flight roughly 53 seconds, barring unforeseen weather complications.
  • In case one nationally recognized language isn’t enough, Scotland has three: English, Scots, and Scottish Gaelic.

We couldn’t leave without sharing fun facts about our two new Scottish cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Haven’t visited either of them? Here are a few reasons to:


  • Edinburgh castle—the historic fortress that dominates the city’s skyline—is built on a rock that has been occupied by humans since the year 2 A.D.—and possibly even earlier.
  • The world’s only knighted penguin (yes, you read that right) lives in Edinburgh zoo. His name is Nils Olav III.
  • Charles Dickens invented his famous character Ebenezer Scrooge after mistaking the word “Mealman” for “Meanman” when reading the grave inscription of a successful Edinburgh merchant named Ebenezer Scroggie.


  • Glasgow used to have a castle, to the left of Glasgow’s beautiful medieval cathedral. It was sadly demolished in 1792.
  • Glasgow is home to one of the oldest music halls in Great Britain. It goes by multiple names, but we liked “The Britannia Panopticon.” Laurel and Hardy’s Stan Laurel made his debut there in 1906.
  • Do you like seeing movies really high up? Then visit Cineworld Glasgow, the tallest cinema complex in the world.

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Edinburgh and Glasgow bring our tally of cities to 55. Each time we reach a new city milestone, our brand awareness grows—which means you, our Taskers, will have even more Client exposure and money-making opportunities!

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