Fundamentals: Leverage Your Skills on Delivery Tasks

The Delivery category is one of our most popular, which makes sense, right? Clients are busy, and caught up at work or forget they needed that dry cleaning picked up, balloons delivered for a child’s birthday party, or that rented tuxedo returned to the store.

While Delivery tasks are popular year round, they are particularly popular in February due to Valentine’s Day, as Clients across our cities get their last minute red-rose bouquets delivered to their loved ones. What was our favorite Valentine’s Day task from the past few years, you ask? Replacing the chocolates in a big chocolate heart box with chicken nuggets before making the delivery. The best part? The Tasker got to keep all the chocolate. 🍫🍫🍫

If you know your way around your city and are good at creatively getting things done, consider adding the Delivery category to your profile if you haven’t already. Want a refresher in how to put your best foot forward in this category? We’ve got you covered!

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Suggested Delivery Task Scoping Questions to Ask in the Chat Thread:

ha-doan-568256-unsplashYou may have seen our blog article on “Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task.” If you missed it, check out the questions below that will help you scope any Delivery task so you can show up prepared and tackle it with ease.

  1. What item(s) would you like delivered?
  2. Can you please confirm the pick-up and drop-off addresses?
  3. What’s the earliest I can pick up the item?
  4. What is the deadline by which you need this delivered?
  5. Have the items already been purchased?
  6. Will you be present during the drop-off? If not, how will I gain access?

Delivery Category Skills & Experience Pitch Tips:

kai-pilger-666758-unsplashAcross all of your categories, a stellar Skills & Experience pitch can seal the deal for a Client in selecting you to complete his/her task. Check out our blog article on tips for writing Skills & Experience pitches.

See a few examples below for great Skills & Experience pitches in the Delivery category:

“I’ve been tackling delivery tasks for 8 years all over New York, so you can trust that I know how to navigate around town. I’m expeditious with my deliveries and personable with my customers.  Let me bring you something today!”

“Hi. I have a full-sized car available and will follow your exact pickup and delivery instructions to get the job done on time.”

“Do you have an URGENT delivery? Want a reliable professional to arrive on time and act with dignity, discretion, and care? Hire me with confidence. I know the city very well and can get from A to B quickly.”

Delivery Tips from Top Taskers:

We reached out to some of our highest rated and highest-earning Taskers in the Delivery category, including Andre W. and Kyle C. and collected their tips for acing Delivery tasks every time:

General Tips:

  • Prep like a pro. Proper preparation can save you time later on. Carefully read and get a clear understanding of your Client’s needs and expectations, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the chat thread either before or during the task.
  • Figure out the Delivery vessel. Depending on how big the item is, will you carry it, put it in your backpack, travel with it on a bike, the train, or a car? Think through all of these alternatives to make sure you show up prepared for the task at hand.
  • Get approval on expenses. Make sure you confirm with the Client in the chat thread if they would like you to purchase any items for them, and that they agree that you will be reimbursed for the cost. This can help in case of any mix-ups later on. For any $100+/£76+ expenses, confirm with Customer Support before purchasing the item to make sure it’s legitimate.
  • Communicate frequently. Respond quickly to your Client when they first send the invitation, but keep the dialogue going once the task is on deck. Updates such as when you leave, when you have the item, and when you’re on the way to deliver it can go a long way to putting your Client at ease and getting a high review rating. Even if you’re running a bit behind, communicating this up front can go a long way!
  • Treat your delivery items with respect. Put yourself in your Client’s shoes and treat them and their delivery items with respect. If it is a cold item, maybe pack a chill bag with ice-packs, or if it’s fragile, make sure you handle it with care.
  • Update your map. Consider where you actually want to travel for Delivery tasks—remember you’ll have to travel to two different addresses, so properly plan your route each morning, and build a buffer between tasks so that you can get from A to B to C with ease.

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Thank you to Andre W. and Kyle C. and other Taskers for taking the time to share their tips and tricks for doing Delivery tasks with frequent communication, planning, and some problem-solving skills–key ingredients of the special sauce that keeps Clients coming back to the network!

Have other suggestions or your own story to tell about how you came to excel at Delivery tasks? Please share in the comments section below!

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