#TaskerTuesday – Chelsey P.

Most often you hear us talk about the benefits that Taskers provide to individual Clients—the time they get back to spend with their family and friends, the relief they feel to see their to-do list checked off. But TaskRabbit also provides a significant benefit to small businesses.

ChelseySometimes businesses need someone to help them clean their office space, assemble desks and chairs, mount whiteboards, or do general filing and administrative tasks. For small companies who don’t have dedicated people in these roles, a skilled Tasker can tick all of these boxes and become a trusted member of the team, even if they aren’t in the office every day.

We chatted with Chelsey P., one such Tasker who helps small business tackle their to-dos. Keep reading to find out more!2018_RabbitLogo_Icon - Separator

What did you do before joining TaskRabbit?  

Before becoming a Tasker, I worked as an assistant office manager in Seattle, WA. When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, I knew I wanted to start my own business. A relative recommended that I get started by using the TaskRabbit platform to help me network, manage my schedule, and for the safety the platform provides. I took her advice and have been thanking her ever since!

What is your favorite tasking memory?

My favorite memory is working with a startup in Silicon Valley to design a system for keeping track of their IT assets. They had so many great products available for their employees, but no way of tracking them. I created an inventory and check out system, as well as a labeled closet so employees could easily find what they needed to be successful. I love how TaskRabbit gives me access to small business Clients, as well as individuals.

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

TaskRabbit has definitely helped me learn how to organize my business better. The Tasker app is great at reminding me to update my schedule, and facilitates my communication with Clients in a mutually transparent and accountable way. I like that I reassure my Clients that all Taskers have been screened and that they can access my reviews and ratings at any time. I also use the app to track how much I’m working and how much money I’m making, which helps me save and keep my personal goals on track.

What’s the best thing about becoming a Tasker?

Becoming a Tasker allowed me to have a complete freedom over my schedule, so I can work as hard as I want, and also travel as often as I’d like! Talk about a win/win!

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We love how Chelsey uses our task management network to promote her business to individuals and small businesses alike. If you task in multiple categories, you can improve your chances of being hired back as part of the ‘go-to team’ for businesses or individual Clients, which helps you get more regular tasks. If you run your own small business, consider hiring a fellow Tasker to help you succeed!

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  1. Thank you! this has been very helpful for me as I want those same opportunities as someone who constantly looks for growth in their jobs/careers.

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