#TaskerTuesday – Jeff S.

Being surrounded by computers and code—or interacting with people? Helping a business’s bottom line—or helping people in your community (and your own bottom line!)? Which of these scenarios would you prefer?

jeff sFor us, it’s a pretty simple question. The same can be said for Milwaukee Tasker Jeff S.. Jeff’s transition to becoming a Tasker was a pretty black and white shift from working as an IT engineer to tasking, but it’s a move he hasn’t questioned once since joining TaskRabbit.


Here’s what Jeff had to say when we chatted with him about his experience:

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What brought you to TaskRabbit?

I was working 9-5 in computer engineering and felt like I was missing something—namely interacting with others. I’ve always loved doing home improvement projects, so now I get to do that every day while also helping (and meeting!) people in my community. TaskRabbit really was a perfect fit.

What is your best tasking memory?

Helping a recently divorced mother move. She was so emotional and anxious about the single mother road ahead, and being able to help her out with this was seriously rewarding. It was a two-Tasker job, and it turned out neither of us Taskers had worked with another Tasker before, but we worked great together. We even got everything moved within 1.5 hours—far faster than our Client or her kids could have even imagined. The look of relief and gratitude on their faces was priceless. As a bonus, I now look forward to multi-Tasker tasks!

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

The biggest challenge that I enjoy as a Tasker is being able to problem solve on the spot. I’m still challenged mentally every day while tasking—albeit in a different way than I was in the engineering field. You are never 100% sure what sort of situation you are walking into. As they say, the devil is in the details, but bringing the right tools and communicating with the Client clearly beforehand puts you in the best possible situation for success.

How has TaskRabbit improved your life?

TaskRabbit has allowed me to help so many people who are just looking for someone to care for their home as if it’s their own. I love the fact that people are so happy once I’m done and that they’ve enjoyed an experience that had previously intimidated them. Helping others and getting paid to do it—I couldn’t ask for anything better!

What advice do you have for other Taskers?

Keep the customer in mind in all your interactions. From the initial chat response to being hired to following up with the invoice, think to yourself: If I had hired a Tasker, how would I want them to complete this task?

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We love Jeff’s people-centric outlook on tasking and are so proud to have Taskers like him helping out people in their communities, especially during difficult and stressful moments in their lives.

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