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Imagine this: you set a new year’s resolution to be more active, and so far you’re crushing it—you’ve made it to the gym (or at least out for a brisk 20-minute walk) every day so far this year! You get home from your most recent fitness expedition feeling on top of the world, only to discover you can barely see the floor of your room with the state of disarray your closet is in.

Mood killer. With the new year comes a period we often spend thinking about ways to make improvements in our lives, and a big one that often quickly springs to mind is reorganizing the space that we live and work in. Yes, this might not come as much of a surprise, but in January, we see a spike in Organization tasks across all the cities in which we operate. Why? Because Clients are trying to remove the clutter from their lives (and make good on some new year’s resolutions).     

If you don’t currently have the Organization category on your profile, we encourage you to add it to get in while demand is high. If you do, open up your Availability for the coming weeks, and then look out for invitations as they start to roll in. Need another reason to turn on your Availability and opt into the Organization category? Check out this New York Times article on professional organizers, in which TaskRabbit is featured!

New to the Organization category or want a refresher in how to put your best foot forward in this category? We’ve got you covered!

Organization Task Scoping Questions to Ask in the Chat Thread:

You may have seen our recent blog article on “Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task.” If you missed it, check out the questions below that will help you scope any Organization task so you can show up prepared to tackle it with ease.

  1. When was your closet/room/office last organized?
  2. What are the highest priorities for this organization task?
  3. Are there any fragile items or items that need to be handled with extra care?
  4. Do you have a preference in organization style? Or should I act on my best judgment?
  5. Would you like the items labeled?
  6. Is there anything you’d like me to throw away?
  7. Will you be present during the task? If not, will you be available via this chat?
  8. How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?

Organization Category Quick Pitch Tips:

fancycrave-254187-unsplashAcross all of your categories, a stellar Quick Pitch can seal the deal for a Client in selecting you to complete his/her task. Check out our blog article on tips for writing Quick Pitches.

See a few examples below for great Quick Pitches in the Organization category:

“Very organized. Can color coordinate, alphabetize, and label with the best of them.”

“I am a highly organized, full-time business professional with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I am punctual, work well under deadlines and think quickly on my feet to get my tasks done. I have experience as an events management assistant where I kept the office organized.”

“With a Polish cleaning lady as a mother, I quite literally was raised to be a perfect home cleaner, organizer, and caretaker. Being neat and efficient is in my personality, so you might say I have a lifetime of experience in this.”

Organization Tips from Top Taskers:

We reached out to some of our highest rated and top-billing Taskers in the Organization category, including Cheryl D. in LA, Chelsey P. in San Francisco, and Maggie E. in San Francisco and collected their tips for acing organization tasks every time:


  • stil-479024-unsplashGive yourself the right amount of time. Organizing a pantry will take less time than packing up an entire garage or other room. Make sure you scope this out to set proper expectations with your Client before the task begins. And be kind to yourself—Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Think about accessibility. Ask your Client before you start tasking which items they will need the most frequent access to. This will help you determine where to position items, and which would be best suited for a higher shelf!
  • Take inventory. As you’re organizing, make sure you take note of how you group items together. Everything has a place—everything needs a home. Bins, baskets, and hooks are your friends!
  • Be empathetic. Organization tasks are often booked when a Client reaches a breaking point, so be kind, really listen, and have compassion for them. Maybe you’ll be inspired to go home and organize your own space!
  • Take before and after photos. This can be fun for the Client to see and for you to build your project portfolio!
  • Keep markers, Post-its and a tape measure ready to go. It seems small, but these items will frequently be useful and it makes you look great to have them on hand!
  • Confirm and show up. Let Clients know that you’ll confirm with them the evening before. Then, always show up on time.


  • Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 4.12.34 PMColor coordinate. Whether you’re organizing a closet, a pantry, or an office, organizing by color can be a great way to group belongings in an aesthetically-pleasing way.
  • Organize clothes by how the Client lives. Group clothes for work, clothes for winter vs. summer, clothes for exercise etc.
  • Labels. Labeling items can help Clients easily identify where you’ve cleverly put things once you leave, even if they misplace your handy inventory!
  • Create piles. Make 4 piles for a Client: donate, throw out, recycle, and keep. To help a Client make a tough decision, consider asking “Do you love this piece? Does it enhance your life?”
  • Offer a donation run. Especially if this is a closet organization task, there are often items that your Client will be ready to part with. Encourage your Client to book a Donation category task through TaskRabbit to earn yourself a second task, and rest easy knowing the service fee will go toward charitable organizations in our community through TaskRabbit for Good!


  • Expiration matters. Don’t forget to pay attention to expiration dates, and encourage the Client to check them on a regular basis.jason-leung-490668-unsplash
  • Clean before you re-organize. Once you’ve cleared out a closet, fridge, office or other space, make sure you wipe off the surfaces to make sure you’re building the new organization on a clean space.
  • Keep leftovers in check with Post-Its. Add post-it notes with the date made/bought on leftovers and toss them within a week.
  • Put like-items together. Fruit with fruit, beverages with beverages etc. That will make finding a midnight snack easier!
  • Re-package grains. If a package contains multiple servings that will be used over time (think rice, pasta, flour, etc.) transfer the food from the original packaging into clear containers with tight-sealing lids. You can label them with a label maker or even cut the label from the original packaging and insert it in the front of the container. This will keep your food fresh longer, as well as keep the pantry neat and organized.

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Have any other organization tips you’d like to share? Comment below!

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