Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task!

Time and time again, we hear from experienced Taskers that one of the most important parts of any task is communication…more specifically, using the chat thread to scope the task before it starts.

Properly scoping a task in the chat thread can help:

  1. Determine straight away if you’re the right person for the task (thereby avoiding pesky and metrics-hurting cancellations further down the line).
  2. Provide you all the necessary details to complete the task with ease.
  3. Give you a chance to start building rapport with your Client—which goes a long way toward receiving a 100% positive review.

Not sure where to start in the chat thread? No worries! We’ve prepared a few chat thread examples in our most popular categories to help you scope your tasks with ease. Of course, feel free to add in your own personality (like emojis 😎), as this can help you stand out and leave a positive impression with Clients.

If, when scoping, you determine that you don’t have the necessary skills or tools to complete a task, we encourage you to explain that, apologize to the Client, and forfeit the task as soon as possible by canceling it in your app so that the Client has the opportunity to rebook another Tasker who is better suited to the task.

Opening Chat:

This can be used across all categories/tasks, so just fill in the blanks with what is relevant for you!

Hi __. I see you need help with ___. I’m happy to take on this task! Can you please confirm the date and time you’d like me to come?

Scoping Questions:

Once you’ve sent the opener and the Client has confirmed the time and date, you can start scoping the nitty-gritty details of the task, including asking for any photos that might help you better understand the task. Keep reading below for scoping questions to ask per category.


  1. Can you please describe the specific problem you’re experiencing or what you’d like done?
  2. Do you have the necessary materials (e.g. paint, replacement parts, screws/nails) for the repair?
  3. Do you own your own toolkit? If so, what tools do you have?
  4. Are there any other tools you’d like me to bring?
  5. Will you be present during the task? If not, will you be available via this chat?
  6. How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?


  1. Are your belongings already packed, or do you need assistance packing as well?
  2. Do you have a moving truck? If not, would you like [to use mine/me to rent one]? (*note if you rent a vehicle for a Client, please confirm they are willing to cover the cost in the chat before renting)
  3. Do you have moving blankets?
  4. Does your home have stairs and/or an elevator?
  5. Are there any tight spots that will make moving large items a challenge?
  6. Have you hired any other Taskers to assist with the move, or will you have someone there to help me lift larger items?
  7. Will you be present during the task? If not, will you be available via this chat?
  8. How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?


  1. When was your home last cleaned?
  2. Any smoking, pets, or mold?
  3. Will the interior of the oven or refrigerator need to be cleaned?
  4. Do you have a vacuum, broom, or mop?
  5. What are your highest priorities for this cleaning task?
  6. Do you have any special surfaces that will have restrictions as to cleaners used?
  7. Will you be present during the task? If not, will you be available via this chat?
  8. How will I gain entry into your home to complete the task?


  1. Where did you purchase the item from? What is the item name and item number?
  2. Has the item already been delivered?
  3. Do you have the package in the room you’d like it assembled?
  4. Have you cleared a space where I can assemble the item?
  5. Will you be requiring trash removal or other related cleanup?
  6. If this is a large item, have you hired another Tasker to help, or will there be a second set of hands there to assist?


  1. What item would you like me to mount?
  2. Is your mounting surface made of drywall, plaster, brick, or concrete? (if you can send a picture that would be helpful!)?
  3. Do you have the package in the room where you’d like it mounted?


  1. What item(s) would you like delivered?
  2. What are the pick-up and drop-off addresses?
  3. Have the items already been purchased?

We hope these scoping questions are helpful. If you have any other go-to scoping questions, comment below so we can share them with the Tasker community. Also consider copying and pasting those relevant to you in a note on your phone, so you always have them handy when ready to accept your next task!

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  1. A video clip option would be ideal as well. People easily use incorrect terminology and have little patience to share pertinent information. Simply narrate as you take a short video clip boasts the most info in the most efficient way. Ie. Use a ruler or tape measure as you film as well. No incorrect measurements documented!

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