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Imagine: you’re on a task, chatting away happily with your Client while you task, and all of a sudden your Client trips and breaks his or her wrist. What would you do?

joshuaJoshua V. initially joined TaskRabbit for the flexibility it provided on a part-time basis but ended up enjoying the problem-solving angle of it so much that he decided to turn it into a full-time gig. So how did he problem solve when his Client broke her wrist? By going above and beyond, of course! Joshua jumped into action by putting her arm in a temporary splint, driving her to the hospital and helping her check in, and then dropping her car back off at her house.  

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Here’s what Joshua had to say when we asked him about his TaskRabbit experience so far:

How has TaskRabbit improved or affected your life?

Between the flexibility to choose when, where, and in what categories I wanted to task, and the daily challenge of analyzing and acting in the face of sometimes tricky circumstances, I ended up deciding I didn’t want to do anything else! I’ve been tasking full-time ever since.

What is your best tasking memory?

I helped a couple move a bunch of furniture out of their house. Their friend who was supposed to help them canceled last minute, and they were so stressed that they were about to cancel their house closing and give up. Items were going from the garage to upstairs, upstairs to downstairs, and back out to the garage. I also had to load a truck in the pouring rain. When I arrived, I set their minds at ease and showed them it could be done, and in the end, they were so happy. It always makes me really happy when Clients are truly grateful like that—like I did something for them that really mattered.

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

Each task potentially poses a variety of challenges, from faulty or missing hardware to oversized couches and small hallways. While sometimes it can feel daunting, I think this keeps the work interesting. When I had to deal with my Client breaking her wrist on a task, it was certainly a good lesson in keeping calm and improvising under pressure, and it’s something I’ve kept in mind on every task since!

You’ve made Elite after just a few months on the platform—Congrats! What’s the secret to your success?

I always try to live selflessly and respect the needs of others. My mother strongly believed in improving the lives of everyone she came across, and her example made a large impact on my life. My advice to other Taskers is to always keep customer service as a number one priority in both your attitude and actions.

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We love hearing the stories of Taskers like Joshua who take tasking from a part-time money-making opportunity to a full-time passion project. When you can flex your analytical muscles at the same time, why not?

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