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What Do Clients Look For?

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion: Just what is it that Clients are looking for when selecting a Tasker?

We’re going to give you insider tips to help answer that question based on Client data from our network. Keep reading to get our top 6 tips on how to stand out in Client search results.

  1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

evan-kirby-142074-unsplashYour profile picture is hugely important to letting Clients know they can trust who they are inviting into their homes, and it’s often the first glimpse Clients get into your business on TaskRabbit. Based on our analysis of a small group of Taskers, looking solely at their profile pictures, we saw that Taskers with professional-looking profile pictures receive 240% more invitations. Click here to learn how to make improvements to your profile picture.

2. Write a Detailed Quick Pitch.

rawpixel-722816-unsplashQuick Pitches are a way to market your skills to Clients by showcasing your experience in a particular skill, the tools you have at your disposal, and why they should choose you for their task. Make sure to include the tools you can bring to the task, any certifications or experience you have under your belt, and a bit of personality to win them over. Click here to check out some Quick Pitch Mad Libs we’ve created to help you complete yours with ease.

3. Set Your Schedule in Advance.

Clients book Taskers on average 3-5 days in advance for most tasks, and 5-7 days in advance for IKEA Assembly tasks. Our data also indicate that a 3+ hour block of continuous Availability is optimal for receiving tasks. Keep this in mind when setting your schedule, and make sure you update your Availability daily to avoid schedule conflicts.  

4. Choose Your Days Wisely.

estee-janssens-396876-unsplashWhile we encourage all Taskers to take breaks from tasking whenever they choose, we also encourage you to set your schedule for when you’re most likely to receive tasks. The most popular days for Clients to book tasks on are Friday and Saturday, so make sure to include weekends when setting your Availability. The least popular day? Monday. Clients must have a case of the Mondays too.

5. Get Those Badges.

Our data indicate that Clients are more likely to book Taskers who have the Elite Badge and/or Great Value Badge. To get these badges on your profile, work on having high Acceptance and Reliability Rates and maintain high positive reviews.

6. Maintain High Reviews.

High reviews will certainly catch Clients’ eyes as they are scanning search results for Taskers. To receive high reviews, make sure you show up on time to tasks, that you communicate clearly and frequently, and that you are friendly and treat your Clients and their belongings with respect. Click here to get tips on how to build trust and receive high reviews from Clients.

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For all your other top tips on how to stand out in search results, comment below.

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