Top 7 Tasker Tips on Earning Client Trust

Have you ever stopped to consider just how key a component trust is to the TaskRabbit network? Think about it: it’s a pretty special thing that through TaskRabbit, Clients invite complete strangers into their homes—strangers that often end up repeatedly assisting the same Client, and even becoming friends.

Building trust should be more than just a side note—it can make or break your business. Developing trust with Clients can help you get closer to the coveted 5 star Client reviews, encourage more Clients to rehire you and give you the security of regular tasks, and maybe even inspire your Clients to recommend you to their friends and family—extending your business even further.

So, how can you strengthen the trust between yourself and your Clients? We have you covered! Continue reading to get our top 7 tips on earning a Client’s trust from some of our most highly rated Taskers.

1. Be Consistent. Make punctuality part of your brand and consider adding it to your tasking routing by letting the Client know when you’re on your way to the task so they can rest easy that you’re almost there. If you’re taking an Uber or Lyft, consider sharing the ETA with your Client through the app so they have up-to-date arrival info.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to tasking, chatting with your Client is key to documenting information about the task. Using the chat function will help you scope the task in advance to learn what tools you might need to bring and any other pertinent info. Never assume—always ask.

“Communication is key, never leave the Client waiting and wondering. If you’re running late, let them know. People really appreciate that. Before Clients meet you, they don’t even know if you really exist. Without communication, they’re left in the dark. ” – Mark W., Las Vegas

“Clear, concise, direct communication. It’s the most valuable tool not just for work, but for your personal life as well.” – Sam F., Boston

3. Finish with a bang. At the end of your tasks, ask if there’s anything else you can do for your Clients, either to finish out the task at hand, or another task they’d like to book with you. If they aren’t there during the task, make sure you add this information into the chat thread. This will help you upsell your other services and get more business.  

“I try also to do a walk through on anything I assembled or furniture I’ve moved. Is it in the right spot? I tell Clients that their satisfaction is really important to me and I encourage them to ask for anything else they might need.” – Michael K., San Francisco

4. Give Clients a Reason to Remember You. Some Taskers recommend rounding down the hours when invoicing to give Clients some time for free. It’s a small gesture that could mean a Client for life.

“To make a memorable impression, I usually give the Client 30 minutes of my time for free. It also helps if I mention I have 3 geese named Sticky, Icky, and Gooey.” – Chris D., Las Vegas

5. Be Planet Friendly. If you’re in the Cleaning category, think about switching out chemical-heavy products for planet-friendly ones, and let your Clients know you have their best interests at heart. At the end of a task, consider taking all the trash, cardboard, or other waste with you, and recycling it if possible. It’s one less thing for the Client to deal with, and can truly go a long way toward building a lasting Client relationship.

“I always take cardboard, trash, etc. with me for recycling/waste purposes. The reason they hired me is so they don’t have a headache. Finish that job, every time.” – Matthew H., Boston

6. Be friendly, and don’t be afraid to show some personality. Be personable, and read the situation—if the Client seems to want to hang out and chat, then get to know them. If not, focus on the task after some polite chit-chat. Consider making some light jokes to make the Client feel at ease.

“My communication skills and sense of humor help break the ice with my Clients. I share humorous stories and let the Client into my world, and they almost always let me into theirs. At the end of the day, it is the human interaction and care that satisfies my Clients.” – Joseph D., Philadelphia

7. Treat Others How You Want to be Treated. It might seem cliché, but it’s the golden rule for a reason. Treat your Clients and their belongings with respect—that means putting down cardboard or a towel to stop floor scratches when assembling furniture, and handling items with care when packing.

“I offer to take my shoes off any time I enter someone’s home. If your Client is carrying something and you aren’t holding anything, offer to carry it for them, even if it’s small. Interact with their pets (unless you’re allergic).” – Derek C., Philadelphia

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