#TaskerTuesday – Jahleel A.

What better way to bring new Taskers into our network than by sharing TaskRabbit with those closest to you? Because we aim to help people connect and share positive experiences, we love hearing about Taskers who have come to our platform through the closest connection of all: family.

Tasker Jahleel A. started his career in the culinary industry, but after facing challenges with the competitive nature of the industry and later working for five years as a cook at a children’s daycare facility, he was ready for a change. It came when his brother, who was already a Tasker, introduced him to TaskRabbit.

Here’s what Jahleel had to say when we chatted with him about the experience:

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Your brother referred you to TaskRabbit as a Tasker. Tell us a bit about that!

I wanted to make extra money, and after my brother (who is a Tasker!) told me about the benefits of TaskRabbit, I decided to sign up and give it a go. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but since making great money through various tasks, I haven’t turned back. Becoming a Tasker has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

What’s your best tasking memory?

My best tasking memory was on July 6, 2018, when my brother and I went to do a  Furniture Assembly task together. Not only were we able to hang out, but we also made money while doing it. We also earned a hefty tip!

What’s your favorite thing about TaskRabbit?

The best part about TaskRabbit is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. When you get hired, the task might involve lessons in how to do things you’ve never really done before. I’ve had to overcome multiple challenges so far—one being the assembly of two cabinets, a sofa, and two beds in one sitting. I’ve had Cleaning tasks that were tougher than I expected, and I’ve done Yard Work tasks like mulching in the hot sun. However, through hard work, determination, and YouTube information to help me learn certain skills, I was able to finish each job with flying colors.

If you had to pick a life motto (or two), what would it be?

Always be willing to learn, and never give up! Determination and ambition are staples of my personality. Without those qualities, I would have never made that leap to work for myself.

What has been your greatest learning experience with TaskRabbit?

TaskRrabbit has shown me that you don’t have to settle for whatever situation you are in. Since I started, I’ve made two to three times the amount of money I made working at my previous cooking job. It showed me that there is hope in having a long-term goal of developing a successful independent business. Being a Tasker has helped me develop so many skills—ones I never anticipated having.

What has the most rewarding thing been about being a Tasker?

The most rewarding things have been the opportunities to travel and meet new people—all while building my personal resume of skills and becoming financially independent.

Do you have any advice for other Taskers?

As a Tasker, you make your own wages, and you are working for yourself. So, if you know your worth, never sell yourself short. Also, if you really want to be a full time Tasker, keep in mind that how much you work will depend on you. Make flyers, make business cards, tell people about what you do! Be ambitious and focused. If you want tips and information on becoming the best Tasker you can be, visit my YouTube page “Young JackRabbit!”

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We loved hearing how Jahleel’s brother connected him to TaskRabbit, and how it has allowed him to take control of his career. As we expand our global reach, we hope families everywhere will benefit from what our network has to offer!

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  1. Jahleel has “Winner” written all over him (albeit in invisible ink!). As an older Tasker, it is incredibly heartening to see young people embrace values that are critical to creating a better outcome for the individual, the family, the community. In an era where we see far too many wasting time online to complain or troll, or in front of TV’s captive to mindless video games and yelling talking heads, ambitious men and women like Jahleel are working hard, with determination, learning every step of the way, in service. Way to go, young man!

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