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Robert P. TTMeet Robert P., a Tasker in the Washington, D.C. area who specializes in IKEA Assembly, Furniture Assembly, and Help Moving. When he’s not tasking, Robert is in school studying to become a Physical Therapist. One significant way that Robert uses his TaskRabbit earnings might resonate with you—giving back to others who are close to him. Read on to find out more.

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What led you to join TaskRabbit?

I was in a terrible accident in 2007 and I was very depressed for many years. I had temporary jobs that had to do with retail and the cable industry, but I never really enjoyed them. I was unemployed for a while and was desperate for a job. Then one day I was watching the show “Workaholics” on TV and saw that the characters used TaskRabbit! I looked it up online and registered, applied, and the rest is history. I was soon making enough money to pay off loans and bills.

What’s the best way you’ve used the income you’ve made as a Tasker?

The primary reason I joined TaskRabbit was to pay off loans. But the best thing I’ve done with my earnings as a Tasker is helping pay for my grandmother’s medicine. It’s also helped pay my way through Physical Therapy Assistant school—I’ve been able to buy all my books and supplies. Thanks to TaskRabbit, I’ve also been able to take my family and friends out to eat, and enjoy spoiling loved ones once in a while!

Why did you decide to join the IKEA Assembly, Furniture Assembly, and Help Moving categories?

I’ve always been good with my hands. I used to be a property manager and picked up some of my handy skills from doing that full-time.

What top tip would you give to Taskers interested in adding your top categories?

For any categories, my top tip would be to engage and to create a lasting relationship with the Client. Always make sure your Clients are satisfied, and help them feel as if they can trust you by answering all their questions. And smile a lot! A cheerful attitude can go a long way!

For the IKEA and Furniture Assembly categories specifically, if you’re assembling something on the floor, make sure you use the cardboard from the packaging to avoid scratching or damaging it.

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From learning how to walk again after his accident to the happy coincidence of discovering TaskRabbit through a show on Comedy Central, we think Robert’s story of tasking toward a career in Physical Therapy is an inspiring—and perhaps even relatable—journey. We’re so impressed by his recovery from adversity and are so pleased that TaskRabbit has helped him get to where he is today!

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  1. Chris Laing

    Hey, great to hear. I was in the same situation too. I also suffered a terrible accident that left me in the hospital for 2 months. After learning how to walk again I came across Task Rabbit as well and it fit right in with my regular hospital visits. Im now almost fully recovered, but don’t know how I would have done it without being a Tasker and having such great support from my customers along the way.

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