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Crafting the Ultimate Quick Pitch

If you’ve read our blog post on The Power of Upselling, you’re aware that one of the easiest ways to promote your business on TaskRabbit is to write a detailed Quick Pitch to show off your skills. In case you missed that article, here’s the scoop:

Quick Pitches are a great way to upsell your business by showcasing to potential Clients your experience in a particular skill, the tools you have at your disposal, and why they should choose you for their task.

Have writers’ block? No worries! We’ve prepared a few Quick Pitch Mad Libs in our most popular categories to help you polish yours with ease. Of course, feel free to add in your own personality ( 😎), as this can help you stand out further in Client search results.


rawpixel-777268-unsplashI am incredibly neat and tidy and have been cleaning for _ years. I own a [vacuum, mop] and can bring organic cleaning products to help leave your house spotless. I have experience working around pets, so that’s not a problem for me; I’m also pleasant and efficient!

What makes the above Quick Pitch great: It includes some personal touch and detailed descriptions of tools and cleaning products.

I’ll make your space sparkling clean! Happy to tackle large mansions and small studio apartments. I favor green cleaning products and make some of my own natural cleaning supplies. I also provide hotel-quality turnovers and am available to greet your guests if needed.

What makes the above Quick Pitch great: It includes a personal touch and gives details on size of space Tasker is comfortable tackling. Gives details about type of cleaning products.

If Cinderella and Mr. Clean had one child, I’d be her. Your space can be sparkly clean. My specialty is professionally tackling short-term vacation rentals, which I’ve been doing for 5 years. Tell your dust bunnies to pack up if I’m on the task! – Quick Pitch by Andrea W., San Francisco.

What makes the above Quick Pitch great: It includes a personal touch and gives details on what types of tasks, in particular, she specializes in, as well as the extent of her experience. 


cetteup-76964-unsplashHi, I’m __. I have experience working at __ [company] doing small repair jobs like putting up shelves, patching holes in the wall, painting and touch-ups, replacing light fixtures and fans, and also mounting TVs and artwork.

What makes the above Quick Pitch great: It shares relevant experience, the types of tasks he/she is adept at.

I have _ years of experience in repairs, including a solid understanding of structural materials and the ideal ways to ensure a solid mounting. I also have __ [certification], so you can trust I know what I’m doing. I always carry my own tools, including __ , which helps me deal with most situations.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It shares his/her level of experience, his/her certification, and details about his/her tools.


erda-estremera-581452-unsplashI’m fast, accurate and honest. I have done plenty of moving tasks in the past, as my reviews can attest. I have a dolly and moving straps if needed.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It shares a personal touch, indicates level of experience, and provides info on tools Tasker has.

I can move boxes and heavy items, and also help with packing items. I have a dolly and tools, and I have a sedan with fold-down back seats. BUT I definitely recommend renting a moving truck for most moves. I can do the pickup if need be. I look forward to helping you move!

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It gives details on what type of tasks the Tasker can help with and the tools he/she has, including a vehicle. Also adds a personal touch.


P1000220I have _ years of assembly experience and am generally very handy. I always have my own tools ready (including __, __, and __) and can help carry items and arrange assembled furniture where you want it. Don’t even worry about cleaning up! I’ll remove trash, such as empty boxes.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It includes details about amount of experience and types of extra services Tasker can offer. Includes helpful personal touch about removing recycling.

I have experience assembling all kinds of furniture including bookcases, desks, side tables, beds and entertainment centers. I am accurate, efficient, and I have my own tools. I am familiar with products from IKEA, Home Decorators, Wayfair. I will arrive with a friendly face, a good attitude, and (if you’re interested) fun music to listen to while I work or great conversation.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It details types and brands of furniture the Tasker has experience assembling and indicates that the Tasker can bring his/her own tools. It also adds a friendly personal touch.


alisa-anton-56158-unsplashHire me in Delivery for smaller items such as food, clothing, and documents. For larger items, please hire me in the Moving category and I’ll be happy to help with your bigger delivery needs! I’m punctual but flexible, fast but safe behind the wheel, and I know my way around the city.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It reminds Clients about what kinds of tasks the Tasker can complete under delivery and indicates that the Tasker has a vehicle and knows how to navigate the city quickly.

I do delivery by bike. So it takes longer, but reduces your carbon footprint. My capacious duffle bag straps nicely on my back. I also have an insulated freezer bag to keep cold food cold.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It clearly indicates capacity for delivering items and adds a personal touch.   


chuttersnap-461239-unsplashProfessional server/bartender who will ensure your event runs smoothly. I have experience working both private and corporate events so you can just enjoy your event and tend to your guests while I keep the food coming and drinks flowing!

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It’s reassuring and personal, and shares relevant experience.


37034893_1812052562216657_8677880528491249664_n(1)I have all tools necessary, including power drill, stud finder, and leveler. I have experience working in carpentry and construction so I have mounted a large variety of items and know how to make sure whatever is mounted will not fall down so you can sleep at night!


What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It details the kinds of tools he/she has, goes over relevant experience, and provides a reassuring personal touch.


rawpixel-780494-unsplashI’ve worked as an admin and a personal assistant for many businesses and can guarantee that I’ll do an exemplary job. I’ll likely even exceed your expectations! I’m very adept at organizing your home or business, and am comfortable with pets!

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It provides experience details and some example tasks, and indicates comfort working in pet-friendly homes.

With years of experience as a personal assistant and with running small businesses, I am the person to help you get things done. I am [reliable, professional, friendly, communicate well], and [prioritizing/organizing] comes easily to me. I have a _ hour minimum for tasks, and my rate does not include paid parking. Thanks, and I look forward to helping you complete your task!

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It includes details about experience, some context into the Tasker’s skills, and information on the Tasker’s minimum hour requirement (optional).


tom-byrom-1042709-unsplash.jpgYour yard will look amazing when I’m done with it! I can pick weeds, mow the lawn, trim trees and bushes, rake the leaves, and much more! I can bring my own trimming tools and am comfortable with pets!

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It details types of yard work tasks the Tasker is comfortable with. Also indicates that Tasker can bring tools, and that he/she likes pets.

Looking for snow removal? My snowblower and I can make quick work of your driveway and walks. I endeavor to do everything with excellence. I am intuitive, resourceful, and empathetic, which means I’ll handle your needs with the same care I would my own.

What makes the above Quick Pitch it great: It details the tool the Tasker has at his/her disposal, and gives a personal touch.

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