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Being a Tasker gives you exceptional flexibility. The flexibility to choose when you task, where you task, in which categories you task, and your hourly rates. But there’s another aspect of this flexibility that we don’t talk about as often—the flexibility of embracing ambiguity and creatively navigating tricky situations. These are both part of being a Tasker!

kemar.jpgFor Kemar J. in New York City, the flexibility that tasking offers was one of the primary reasons why he decided to become a Tasker. Once he got into tasking, however, the flexibility he found was so much broader—a challenge he was happy to accept. Now, Kemar even finds himself looking forward to creatively resolving tricky situations that come his way.

We chatted with Kemar about his experience as a Tasker, and here’s what he had to say:

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How did you find TaskRabbit?

Before joining TaskRabbit, I worked in the renewable energy industry, ensuring that solar panels were properly installed. While I enjoyed working in an environmentally-friendly industry, I was looking for more flexibility. I was also interested in finding a way to use the skills I’d learned during my prior military training to help others in my community. I firmly believe the world would be a better place if we could help each other more.

What was your most memorable task, and why?

My favorite task was also one of the simplest tasks I’ve done, but it was so rewarding. I had to buy a whole bunch of balloons for a children’s party. I bought so many that they couldn’t fit in my car, so I walked from the party store to the Client’s house, which is trickier than you’d think! Try hanging on to a huge bunch of balloons without them blowing away, or you blowing away with them! When I delivered the balloons to the party, the children’s faces shone with pure ecstatic joy, which made the whole thing worth it.

What things have you learned from your experience as a Tasker?

Through TaskRabbit, I’ve learned to always ask for assistance if I need it, and to take initiative by creatively solve any problems that come up. I now truly feel as if I could take on anything life throws my way!

Do you have any advice for other Taskers?

Always scope the task properly, and ask as many questions as you can think of to properly set expectations and determine what you’ll be doing at your task. Also, take the time to treat every Client with respect, and try to build relationships; then, once you have a steady set of repeat Clients, the business will just keep pouring in.

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We admire Kemar’s attitude of being flexible in tackling any situation that comes his way. Gaining a solid base of repeat Clients is a great way to help build your business on TaskRabbit, and we are so happy to see this strategy has paid off for Kemar!

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    Great story and great advice.

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