Tiny Tasks. Big Impact

Whether it’s maneuvering a couch through an apartment or flying through furniture assembly, Taskers are no strangers to creative problem solving, deadlines, and working in tight quarters. We put these skills (and many more) to a tiny test in May 2016, when we challenged ten Taskers to build a fully-outfitted, liveable tiny house in the middle of Manhattan for a good cause. The catch: they had just 72 hours. A build like this often takes months.

Why a tiny house? We were inspired by the mission of our partner, Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges like homelessness and unemployment through collaboration and creative problem solving. Together, we envisioned the tiny house as a small symbol of what’s possible when people from all walks of life come together with the right tools and opportunities. The house was auctioned off at the end of the build, with 100% of the proceeds going to Community Solutions.

Needless to say, our Taskers rose to the challenge. To this day, many of them still say it’s the most rewarding task they’ve done. Here’s how they brought the incredible project to life.

The Plans

A lot of time and effort went into making sure the tiny home was as efficient, cozy and welcoming as possible. Our master planners, designer Lesley Morphy and TaskRabbit Creative Director Scott Smith, maximized every square inch in the little house with comfort and style in mind. They utilized a lofted bed, lofted storage, a floor-to-ceiling tiled shower, a compost toilet, and custom details throughout. There’s a surprising amount of built-in storage in the kitchen, while a conscious decision was made to keep the living space open so you could actually exist comfortably without feeling cramped.


The Build

Our Taskers worked long, hard shifts while our team made sure they were well fed, hydrated and in good spirits. The team brought amazing energy and we couldn’t be prouder of the way they worked together.

A special thanks to all of our Taskers who helped bring #ATinyTask to life: David S., Travis T., Dwayne H., Vincent P.,  Grant T., Alvin P., Cameron F., Dale P., Jeffery J., and Larry R..

Day 1: The Beginning

Day 2: A Real House!

Day 3: The Finishing Touches

The Final Product

20 feet by 8 feet, fully functioning bathroom, lofted bed, fully furnished tiny house … all in just three days. After a spirited auction, the tiny house sold for $26,600 to support Community Solutions’ work. Our Taskers proved that, given the right tools and the right opportunities, no task is ever too big (or too tiny).


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