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Working crazy hours on someone else’s schedule vs. working when you choose. Feeling underpaid vs. deciding your hourly rates. Which of these would you choose? We know which we’d prefer, and though it might sound like a fairy tale, it’s not—if you’re a Tasker.

For Tasker Matt S., “working to much” used to be his life. Now, it’s closer to that fairy tale. He came to TaskRabbit from the fast food business, so he is no stranger to customer service. With TaskRabbit, however, he found something more enjoyable and fulfilling: the power to take control of his professional life, help other people, and create meaningful connections. By tasking in multiple categories–including Minor Home Repairs, Help Moving, Yard Word & Removal, and Mounting–he has built a flexible independent business he can be very proud of.

We chatted with Matt about his experience as a Tasker, and here’s what he had to say:

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How did you find TaskRabbit?

I heard about TaskRabbit while browsing the web and started doing tasks to supplement my income. After a short time, I realized I was learning so much and having so much fun with TaskRabbit that I wanted to go full time!

What was your most memorable task, and why?

One of my early tasks was a Help Moving task. The Client was very stressed. I came in and just started taking care of business. It was so rewarding when I discovered that while moving is very stressful for most people, it isn’t for me! I get to help normalize the process for my Clients, which I find very fulfilling.

What things have you learned from your experience as a Tasker?

The most important lesson TaskRabbit has helped me to learn is responsibility. My mantra has become “This is my problem.” And since it’s my problem, no one else is going to make it right. I have to step up on each and every task I’m helping Clients with, so I do.

Do you have any advice for other Taskers?

Embrace customer service, communication, and experimentation. Take care of the customer, communicate your limitations, and keep learning so that your limitations don’t stand in the way of great service!

What’s the absolute best thing about being in charge of your own business?

Very simple: I no longer miss important events with family and friends, I never have to call in sick, and I get to control my life. There’s no better feeling than that!

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Matt’s story is one we hope will inspire you, because it embodies all the hopes we have for our Taskers: that our task management network will give them the power to earn money on their own terms, live flexibly, and transform their lives—perhaps into a fairytale!

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