Trick or Treat 🎃

It’s that pumpkin-y, costume-y, candy corn-y time of year—Halloween is just around the corner! We hope you will take some time to celebrate the holiday by decorating, dressing up, watching scary movies, and participating in trick-or-treating whether you are a parent or a neighbor!

HAUNTED HOUSEWhile we encourage you to make the most of the celebrations, we know some of you may be looking for extra tasking opportunities as we kick off “Halloweek.” And we have you covered. To maximize your tasking (and money making) opportunities this week, make sure you open up your Availability and consider adding these categories to your profile:


  • Decoration
  • Shopping
  • Delivery
  • Personal Assistant
  • Cleaning
  • Event Staffing

CANDY.pngThat said, if you want to enjoy a spooky week with friends, we encourage that too. The witching days only come once a year after all!

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