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We created a variety of categories on TaskRabbit for a number of reasons, but one of the most prominent ones is that we want to offer Clients an easy way to access a wide array of services so that we can help them tackle anything life throws at them. Another major perk of offering this variety has been all the unique Taskers we’ve been able to connect with—and who remind us why we’re building this task management network to begin with.

Tasker John W. is just such a person. As a San Francisco Tasker who also has a background in yoga teaching, spiritual work, and non-profit board service, he’s using TaskRabbit to finance his further education and training in the areas that mean the most to him.

We wanted to feature John because of his kind demeanor, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for using TaskRabbit for self improvement purposes. Here’s what he had to say when we chatted with him about his experience thus far:

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Tell us a little bit about your unique background.

I formerly helped run a nonprofit organization. I am still a Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist and an Interfaith Hospital Chaplain.

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

I was primarily attracted to the flexibility and variety of work. I enjoy tasking in several categories (Event Staffing, Executive Assistant, and Organization, to name a few), meeting interesting and diverse people, and working with other Taskers. In this respect, TaskRabbit has far surpassed my hopes and expectations.

Considering your range of prior experience, what new things have you learned through TaskRabbit?

I have learned to be more flexible in what I do, and I’ve also gained experience in different areas of work. Due to the varied experiences I’ve had as a Tasker, I feel as if I can be helpful in so many different tasking categories. I also feel more adaptive socially due to the diversity of situations and Clients I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through TaskRabbit. I am grateful for this growth!

You have a unique set of experiences. How has this shaped your outlook on life?

I strive to be grateful, kind, loving, and helpful. I see all human beings as my brothers and sisters, and as such, I try to treat them with dignity, love, and respect. I believe that serving others in this world is one of the most important values people can have.

Has TaskRabbit helped you live these personal values in any way?

Yes. TaskRabbit didn’t just introduce me to a phenomenal way of supplementing my income. It helped me further my studies, which in turn will help me continue doing what I’m passionate about. It has allowed me to meet countless amazing people, make new friends, and be brave in trying new things. Finally, it has helped me meet wonderful people all over San Francisco!

Do you have any advice for other Taskers?

Be brave, be diligent, be friendly, be kind, be open, and have fun!

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We love this attitude and are happy to take a page out of John’s book as we bring TaskRabbit into more cities and countries around the globe. Any amount of positivity can change the world—and the more we can help spread it, the better!

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  1. I had the opportunity to work with John on a task. Yes, his energy, attitude and wisdom shined above and around him. Truly he gave me a sense of peace and I felt “cared for” as he showed me the ropes about the task. What a great person to emulate professionally and spiritually. And he is an awesome Tasker!

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