A Decade in Numbers

It’s tempting to think of life as one long to-do list. Another load of laundry, another errand to run, another moving box to unpack. Check off one task, forget it, and move on to the next.

But if we’ve learned anything in the past ten years, it’s that the small things add up. Another box unpacked, and another, and then another, means one step closer to making a house feel like a home. Another load of laundry put away means a weight lifted off someone’s shoulders and an extra hour to linger at the dinner table.

We’ve heard from clients and Taskers alike that getting and giving help on TaskRabbit goes beyond doing chores. And we agree. When we think about it that way — days, not minutes; truckloads, not a single moving box; and people you can rely on, not strangers — together, we’ve done more than just check another to-do off a never-ending list.

Through ten years of helping people tackle everything from nagging tasks to daunting projects, Taskers have redefined what it means to have help for life. Here’s a look at what the TaskRabbit community has accomplished in the last decade.

You’ve been out-of-this-world productive

Collectively, Taskers have saved people over 4 million hours. That’s over 450 years. You could take 25 round trips to Pluto from Earth in that time!


Across our most popular categories, Taskers have:StatsYou’ve made a meaningful living on your own terms…

Over 148,000 Taskers have used TaskRabbit’s platform and community to grow their skills and businesses. Whether part-time or full-time, we’ve given Taskers the freedom to work for themselves, when and how they want. Our longest tenured Tasker, Marc H. of Boston, has completed over 2,900 tasks since 2009, while our top-earning Tasker raked in $309,000 in just four years on TaskRabbit! LS10_8

… And created meaningful, long-lasting relationships with each other.

We know how hard it is to find your “go-to” person, so we’re not surprised that once you find them, you go back again and again. Taskers have won over clients’ pets, been entrusted with keys to their homes, and watched their kids grow up. Over 700,000 of you have hired the same Tasker more than once. More impressively, Boston Tasker Robin S. has done over 160 tasks for client Josh S. over 4 years.


You’ve spent a lot of time waiting in line.

Over 25,700 hours, in fact. That’s more than 3 years. For what, you ask? Concert tickets, restaurant reservations, the latest iPhone, sales, prime seats at a bar before a big game, the list goes on. LS10_9

We’ve delivered everything under the sun.

Here are our most frequently requested items for delivery.LS10_12

We’ve fixed the holes in the wall, the clogged toilets, and the squeaky hinges.

Here are your most frequently repaired items.


We’re with you all year round.

Year in and year out, Taskers have spent over 1,200 hours shoveling snow, 97,600 hours doing yard work, and over 10,000 hours putting up decorations.LS10_11

When we say help for life, we really mean it.

Proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, big moves, babies, school bake sales, college move-ins … name a life milestone, and Taskers have been part of it.

  • Marriage proposals assisted: 6,000
  • Birthdays/anniversaries saved: 37,000
  • Moving help: 300,000
  • Cribs assembled: 8,500
  • School-related tasks: 13,000

We’re only just getting started…

3 countries, 45+ cities, and many more communities to come.

Read more 10th anniversary stories here and join us in building the future of TaskRabbit!   

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