When the Task Goes On…And On!

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen tens of thousands of ongoing Tasker-client relationships extend beyond the first task. Repeat clients set Taskers up for success and stability, while repeat Taskers provide clients peace of mind that their tasks will be taken care of by someone they know and trust. We are building on this momentum.

Nate & Andrew

Tasker Nate B. stated it best: that “the real magic of TaskRabbit is the meaningful relationships that form from what begins as essentially a totally random connection.” His ongoing personal assistant tasks with client Andrew are a perfect illustration of that. Andrew first hired Nate in 2015 when he was new to tasking and working across multiple categories to hone his skills. Since Andrew is disabled, having a good assistant is crucial to his life and career. About once a week Nate assists Andrew with business administration, bookkeeping, basic IT, web and media needs, and a variety of light household tasks. Over the years, Nate has become very dear to Andrew and his family. They always make time for a little fun too, like watching their favorite sci-fi shows together or playing video games with Andrew’s 8-year-old son — times when Nate thinks to himself, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!”

Thomas & Marta

Thomas B. managed a small business for much of his career, then joined TaskRabbit nearly four years ago during a professional transition. Over time, his tasking in the personal assistant and office administration categories grew through repeat business. One of these repeat clients, a small business owner, first booked Thomas two and half years ago for some database work. Their tasking relationship evolved to a point where Thomas contributes administrative and customer service work on a continual basis. Thomas loves the mission-driven nature of his client’s company, which sells specialty coffee beans from her family farm and other farms to coffee roasters. Thomas makes it a point to balance his tasking schedule to support this client and a number of other ongoing clients with his invaluable business expertise.

Alyssa & Maria

Tasker Alyssa G. met client Maria during a task for event set up, prep, and smooth operations. It was an 8-hour day of fast-paced and hard work. Maria continued to ask Alyssa to help out with other personal assistant tasks in the office, at her house, for other small events, for organizing, and many other categories. Alyssa and Maria share a hard work ethic and fun personalities so it felt very natural for Alyssa to keep the communication lines open through the app and respond whenever Maria needed help. Alyssa said, “TaskRabbit has allowed me to achieve a new level of hustle and commitment with every task I get. It has taught me how to precisely and professionally talk with clients to showcase that I am trustworthy and committed to finishing the task on time and with a positive attitude.”

Reflecting on stories like these, we are proud to be a platform that supports regular, repeat Tasker-client relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and appreciation. Together through our Task Management Network, we’re building relationships that last, and a community of neighbors helping neighbors.

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