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Tackle Same Day Like a Boss đź’Ş

Client demand for Same Day tasking is spiking! That means there are more opportunities for you to build your business and get access to new Clients—not to mention the opportunity to put extra money in your pocket.

To help you take advantage of this demand spike, we wanted to share some of the questions and trends we’ve seen from Clients regarding Same Day tasks.

Which Categories Have the Highest Same Day Demand?

  • Help Moving
  • Cleaning
  • Minor Home Repairs
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Personal Assistant

If you don’t have these categories on your profile, consider adding them. Once you’ve added them, don’t forget to update your Same Day Preferences on the “Get Invitations” screen in your app to let Clients know that you’re interested in completing these categories for Same Day tasks.

Which Days of the Week have the Highest Same Day Demand?

Clients tend to book Same Day tasks when they’re in need of immediate help. There are plenty of scenarios that could encourage this immediacy—perhaps in-laws visiting when the house is a mess or a broken dishwasher—but are there particular days of the week that have higher Same Day demand? Our data indicate that the most popular days of the week for Same Day tasks are Friday, Saturday, and Monday, so consider opening up your Availability for these days in particular!

How Can I Make the Most of Same Day Tasks?

Same Day tasks are a great way to build your business and gain new Clients you can upsell on your other tasking categories. If you don’t currently opt into Same Day tasks, consider trying it out by tapping the “Same Day Invitations” tab on the “Get Invitations” screen of your app.

Since Same Day tasks are more immediate, a faster turnaround time is required. When you opt into Same Day tasks, you’re agreeing to be ready to task when your calendar says you’re available, and then respond to any Client invitations promptly within one hour.

It’s also particularly important for you to check and update your Availability often to avoid schedule conflicts. Remember: If you have future Availability set for Non-Same-Day tasks, it automatically turns into Same-Day Availability once that day rolls around—unless you update your schedule!

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