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Have you ever been stuck in the rut of applying for job after job, only to be uninspired by the potential options you’re seeing? Apart from being disheartening, it’s often accompanied by a rather scary question: How will I make money?

Tasker Thomas B. was in just this type of situation in London when he found TaskRabbit. Like many Taskers, he found our platform when his financial needs just weren’t aligning with the challenge of finding a satisfying job. Not only did TaskRabbit provide an immediate fix for his situation, but it led to a lasting Client relationship that now occupies Thomas almost full time.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about his experience:


What brought you to TaskRabbit initially?

I initially joined TaskRabbit to earn some money while I was un-enthusiastically looking and applying for jobs. Having managed a small business for 20 years, I found that I was not attracted to working for a big company. Also, despite not being able to afford early retirement, I didn’t need the income from a full-time executive job. So, the flexibility of TaskRabbit seemed ideal.

You went from 0 to 60 on TaskRabbit in very a short time. Did you have any special strategy?

To get started doing tasks and getting good reviews, I immediately added the Cleaning category to my profile, as it seemed to be the most popular category. In no time, I achieved success, but seeing as I wasn’t looking to do Cleaning tasks full time, I soon switched my focus to Furniture Assembly. Soon, that comprised 90% of my tasks. Over time, however, Client invitations in the the Personal Assistant and Office Administration categories started to come in faster and faster. The rest is history.

Now looking back, is TaskRabbit what you expected?

Almost from the start, I was getting more tasks than I had planned for from the platform. Also, from fairly early on, I was getting a lot of repeat business. It kept growing to the extent that, for well over a year now, I haven’t had any open Availability, because I’m packed with tasks from my regular Clients!

Do you have any particular favorite tasks?

I’ve had an amazing variety of tasks through TaskRabbit. Here are the most memorable:

  • Setting up a profile on a dating site.
  • Reading for an audio book recording.
  • Searching for and viewing expensive apartments in London.
  • Organising crowded wardrobes.
  • Helping recruit and interview an office assistant for a Client.

Overall, one of the greatest features of my TaskRabbit experience has been meeting a huge variety of interesting people and working in every type of environment from council houses in Brixton, to ultra-smart offices, to mansions in Mayfair.

You have one particular Client in your network who keeps coming to you again and again. Tell us about that!

For the past year, I’ve almost exclusively been working for Marta. Marta is the owner of a business that sells speciality green coffee beans to roasters, from both her family farm and other farms in Guatemala. Not only do I love the product, but I also love the ethics of what Marta is doing. She helps get a fair price for the farmers so that they can make a good living and invest in their farms for growth and increased quality.

The first time Marta booked me was two and half years ago for some database work. A while later, she booked me again when she was away on business to organize logistics for an upcoming move to a new flat. From there, Marta continued to book me every now and then for various tasks, including painting her office, putting up shelves, and doing administrative work.

About a year ago, she asked if I would be interested in doing some sales work, which I did from home for a couple of hours each day—to start with. This quickly grew into working regularly from her office incorporating administrative and customer service work. It’s now on the basis that she will take any hours I have free. So, I’m now working pretty much full time at her business, fitting in other repeat Clients when they need me. It’s a great gig!


Since we have big plans in the pipeline to build out task networking features on our platform, we love to hear about Taskers who have already used it to build ongoing relationships with Clients. The more trust we can help foster between people, the better—it’s the future of TaskRabbit!

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  1. Sean O'Reilly

    Nice work Matthew!

  2. What a nice story a frilly breath of fresh air, I am enjoying bein a Tasker and it’s only week 2 already busy.

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