More Than a Job

TaskRabbit was built on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors. For Taskers, that means earning a meaningful income using their skills to help people in their community who need a hand. Over the past 10 years, Taskers have collectively earned $140 million helping their neighbors in this way.

But more than just this impressive sum, we believe this income is meaningful because of the positive impact these Taskers are having in their community — both by helping clients, and by what they go on to do with those earnings.

Over the past 10 years we have heard some pretty incredible stories from Taskers, especially in response to this question: What is the best thing you’ve done with your income? Read on for impactful stories about Taskers who truly have gone above and beyond to create a ripple effect in their networks.

What has TaskRabbit enabled you to do? 

James“Last year, I lost my home and job during the California wildfires. I had no idea what to do. Everything we had was gone. If it wasn’t for TaskRabbit, I would have never been able to get out of our unexpected homeless situation. It helped me stay motivated as I discovered new ways to use skills I never thought I had. I still task even though we’ve recovered.” – James L., Tasker in Sacramento

Alphonse“I am originally from Senegal in West Africa, and although I’m now lucky enough to live in relative comfort in LA, that isn’t the case for many people back in Senegal. I send most of my earnings back to Senegal to help kids in my old neighborhood and hometown go through high school — and some of them graduated this year. What a great feeling!” – Alphonse M., Tasker in LA & OC

Trae“Before I started on TaskRabbit, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and was constantly stressing about how to get food on the table. Thanks to TaskRabbit, I’ve been able to pay off a lot of my student loan debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, worry less, and even go on a vacation!” Trae H., Tasker in New York

Daciel“I have been able to pay off my credit card debt and loans, and was even able to save for a trip to return to my roots. I was born and raised in the Azores, Portugal, but haven’t had the money to go back for over 30 years–until now. It was incredible to be able to share my history with my family. Daciel D., Tasker in San Francisco

Michael“Earlier this year I quit my corporate desk job to start a hypnotherapy and meditation practice in order to support others through life’s many challenges. This was a huge risk, and after a few months I ran out of money. TaskRabbit not only helped me fund my practice, but I found through working with clients I was still able to help people through life’s transitions, which was incredibly gratifying.” Michael K., Tasker in San Francisco

robert.png“Thanks to TaskRabbit, I was able to help pay for my grandmother’s medicine and also pay my way through physical therapy assistant school. I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dream to be a PT without TaskRabbit.” Robert P., Tasker in Washington, DC



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