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5 Tips for IKEA Furniture Assembly Tasks

Whether you already task in the IKEA Assembly category or you’re interested in adding it to your profile, we’ve assembled (pun intended) the following tips to set you up for success! 

  1. Receiving IKEA Assembly tasks
  2. Sample questions to ask Clients in the chat thread.
  3. Handy upskilling resources.
  4. Final steps before an IKEA task begins.
  5. Troubleshooting an IKEA task.

Receiving IKEA Assembly Tasks:

  • Setting your schedule a week or more in advance and adding longer timeblocks will increase your chances of receiving IKEA tasks. 
  • IKEA Assembly tasks are received directly to your Tasker app or through your email—please keep an eye on both to take advantage of task opportunities.
  • Instead of seeing a task description written by a Client, you’ll see a list of items to be assembled or mounted. 
  • IKEA Assembly tasks have a fixed rate per item, so you do not need to set an hourly rate for this category.

 Sample questions to ask Clients in the chat thread before an IKEA Assembly task:

  • Will this task require mounting, blind cutting, or curtain installation?
  • Do you have the model name for each piece that I’ll be assembling, so I can look up the assembly directions in advance?
  • Have all the items been delivered? Can you notify me if your delivery is delayed or canceled? 
  • Have you placed the packages in the room where you need the item assembled, and is there plenty of space? 

Handy upskilling resources:

  • Check out our YouTube channel for tips from top Taskers in Mounting and Furniture Assembly on how to ace these tasks.
  • Check out our Learning Library: Mounting section to learn all about mounting items to a wall.
  • Look up assembly instructions on the IKEA website or do a simple online search of the product name and/or article number. You should be able to find how-to videos or a visual of the product before you arrive to the task so you’re ready to hit the ground running.
  • Check out our blog post on must-have tools.

Final steps before your IKEA Assembly task begins:

  • Set aside enough travel time and check for traffic updates.
  • Check your Client chat thread to confirm (if you haven’t already) that the delivery has been received.
  • UK Taskers only: upon arrival to the task, remember that you will be asking your Client to fill out the“Secure It!” waiver; a legally required document. Invoicing will not be available until the waiver is signed. Please review this Support article for more info.

Troubleshooting during an IKEA Assembly task:

  • If you find that there are additional items to assemble, or if an item is missing or damaged, record what needs to be added or removed in the chat thread. Share this article with your Client so they have the info they need to update their task with the correct items. If you accidentally damage an item during your IKEA task reach out to support as soon as possible. We also recommend taking photos of any damaged items.

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  2. Morris Brian

    Use PoziDriv bits for the screws that are commonly mistaken for Phillips head.

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