The Most Unique Tasks

It probably comes as no surprise that the most popular categories on TaskRabbit include moving help, minor home repairs, cleaning, and furniture assembly. But sometimes people end up in situations that call for more unconventional tasks — and Taskers are always up for the challenge!

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we’re featuring some of our most unique tasks, and amazing stories of what people accomplish when they find a Tasker to lend a hand!

“Help me find my pet cockatoo”

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The Actual Cockatoo

Ever lose a pet bird? One time, a client hired Tasker Christian C. and his wife Abigail V., also a Tasker, to find a cockatoo that flew out the window of their NYC home! This task included singing into a megaphone to lure the cockatoo back; playing an accordion; and dragging a Christmas tree into the neighbor’s yard, hoping that the bird would recognize it and fly into the tree! Two hours and a lot of trial and error later, Christian and Abigail found the cockatoo! Maybe we should change our name to TaskCockatoo?

How did they lure the cockatoo back? Listen to their (actual) creative bird call below!

“Help me score a rare beer”

Ever been out of town for an event you don’t want to miss? One client knew he would be in this situation when a rare beer was going to be released, and anticipated that its fleeting availability would draw a crowd. So he booked a Wait-in-Line task for Tasker Katie C. to pick up two bottles of Cable Car beer from a bar on Haight Street in San Francisco, and bring him the bottles when he got back to town. With this deft strategy, the client got his beer the day it was released — without spending any time in line and without even being in the same city. Cheers to that!

“Help me plan an anniversary surprise”

Sometimes tasks are booked with romance in mind — involving the delivery of flowers, chocolates and gifts. In fact, Taskers have saved quite a few anniversary and birthday celebrations in the nick of time — with over 65,500 last-minute gift and cake deliveries! Some clients’ idea of romance is to surprise their honey with a Tasker who did all these things — but in costume!

“Help me make people laugh”

Other clients ask for Taskers to keep their loved ones company in the hospital. Back in 2013, a client booked Tasker Bryan A. to write jokes for a childbirth-related event he was emceeing. While Bryan doesn’t recall what he came up with, he remembers that the client was happy with his humor!

Taskers have spread so much love, laughter, and care over the years. So here’s to 10 years of tasks — from the basic to the bold — and on to many more! Have a to-do that you didn’t think about using a Tasker for because it’s a bit…outside the box? Taskers have a broad array of talents, and their Skills & Experience pitches only scratch the surface. Talk to your Tasker and see what you can accomplish together!

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