A Not-So Routine Assembly

XavierThursday evening came around, and I was ready to tackle my next IKEA Assembly task. After 6 months of tasking on TaskRabbit, I felt as if I had the confidence and knowledge to handle any type of task that came my way. Little did I know that I still had room to grow!

For this particular task, my Client Rex had hired me from out of state to assemble his girlfriend’s bed, so I was looking forward to lending a hand. When I arrived at her home, I did what I always do off the bat for any assembly task—I organized my workspace. Here’s my typical order of operations:

  1. Clear a large enough area to do the work.
  2. Unpack the boxes, and stack like pieces together to help visualize the final product.
  3. Read the instructions. Always.

After doing this, I got to work.

It started out well. Forty minutes into the task, however, I made a critical error that caused me to strip a screw. I couldn’t believe it. Unable to correct the mistake, I had to explain to Rex that I would have to come back tomorrow to finish the task. Luckily, he and his girlfriend were understanding and trusted me to turn things around. I just had to figure out how.

Disappointed, embarrassed, and a little panicked, I called the handiest person I knew—my dad. Despite him having taught me much of what I know, he didn’t have an instant fix. He suggested I research the problem on YouTube, where I found numerous videos, including TaskRabbit’s own Level Up videos on Furniture Assembly. Relieved and sure I had found a solution, I shut my laptop and headed to bed.

The next morning, I re-watched the most helpful video for the situation and noted which parts I would need to buy from the hardware store. With my new knowledge and accompanying tools and parts, I headed back to the scene of the task. When my Client told me that his girlfriend had slept on the couch the previous night, I became even more determined to get it right this time.


I pulled out my hammer and newly purchased torx bit steel socket. Using some force, I lodged the torx bit into the stripped screw and then carefully extracted it using my drill. The screw slowly made its way out, indicating that the procedure was a success! I replaced the damaged screw with a new one and completed the task within an hour.

This task humbled me and served as a reminder that, despite my experience assembling furniture, there is always more to learn!

Guest blog written by Tasker Xavier C.

We love this story and how it highlights some of the problem solving that Taskers face every day—and how it shows that the IKEA Assembly category can be a great way to level up your skills on TaskRabbit. Consider adding it to your Profile today if you haven’t already. You can do so in the “My Business” section of the app under “Skills and Rates.”


3 comments on “A Not-So Routine Assembly

  1. Patrick Mertens

    I hope I never have this problem but this story gave me confidence that there is a solution. Whew!

  2. Ikea uses Pozidriv screws, not Philips. The Pozidriv bit is available online and in the Ikea tool set.

  3. I have removed stripped screws, and also screwed- in stripped screws, manually, with vice grips. This particular tool has saved me many times.

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