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At TaskRabbit, we’re big fans of leading healthy, active lives. In honour of National Fitness Day in the UK today, 26 September, we’re celebrating all things active!

We know tasking often keeps you on your toes and bustling from home to home throughout the day. National Fitness Day is a great opportunity to highlight the important role physical activity plays in keeping us happy and healthy today, tomorrow, and in the future.

While every category on TaskRabbit is a chance to get your steps in and flex your muscles and skills, there are some categories in particular that can help keep you extra fit while also earning money—Minor Home Repairs, Garden Work, and Help Moving to name a few.

To jump on the National Fitness Day bandwagon and get in a little extra activity this week, consider opening up your schedule Availability, and maybe add a new category to your profile to stretch yourself—you never know what you might be a natural at!

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