#TaskerTuesday – Fernando M.

Have you ever had an epic adventure of a task? This week’s featured Tasker, Fernando M., has. Before we get into the details of that, however, we want to discuss the reason he came to TaskRabbit in the first place. And his primary reason is one that has been echoed by our Taskers time and again: flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.

Fernando, a natural problem solver who enjoys finding solutions for his Clients, used to work as an operations manager at a publishing company in New York City. He found TaskRabbit at a time when he was beginning to tire of typical office life—particularly being stuck behind a desk all day.

“I wanted flexibility in my schedule,” Fernando said when we chatted with him. “I ended up liking the daily freshness of this work. I never know what I’ll be doing one day to the next—and I enjoy that.”

That flexibility ended up being a saving grace for him and his family. “Shortly after I began tasking, we experienced a challenging family period that required a lot of attention from me,” he told us. “It required me to be present at unusual times during the day over those months, which would have been more difficult if I didn’t have the flexibility that TaskRabbit provides me.”

And he has had some serious fun along the way. Remember that epic task we mentioned? It was for a Client couple who were moving from Queens, New York to Washington D.C. They hired Fernando to help pack their truck and then drive the truck from New York to their new house in D.C.


“I assumed I’d be driving alone,” Fernando said when relaying the story. “But in fact, the husband of this couple drove with me in my vehicle. He ended up being a fascinating driving partner. He’s a professional singer and sings as a counter-tenor, which is unusual in this day. His vocal range is usually sung by women in the alto or mezzo-soprano range. It was incredible.”

This Client regaled Fernando with stories of his travels and adventures as a counter-tenor. They had a great time driving the 6 hours between the Clients’ old home and their new one. Once they arrived, the couple paid for him to get back on a bus to New York City, and he took his leave—but not without some great memories. And it turned out there were even more in store.

“What should have been a 6 hour trip back home, scheduled to arrive by midnight, became a crazy 10-hour trip when the bus I was on got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania,” Dan said. “I ended up getting home just before dawn of the next day, exhausted but pleased that I’d made a great connection with this very interesting couple. I truly enjoyed helping them, and I ended up with a good story that I still enjoy telling!”

But perhaps the best part of Fernando’s TaskRabbit journey has been the personal gains he has made through being a Tasker. He has learned countless new skills that he can now leverage for himself and his family. The platform has also opened him up to a new sense of community in his life—something that aligned with the values he already liked to live by.

“I try to treat everyone around me—family, friends and Clients—with the same level of respect and compassion,” he told us. “I find that when I’m working as a Tasker, there are certain things that go a long way: good humor, taking an interest in my Clients’ lives, and professionalism. These things give them a great experience, which often leads to repeat business.”

The wider Fernando’s network becomes, the larger his community will be. That’s the beauty of TaskRabbit—there are always people out there needing help, and always new, meaningful connections to be made!

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  1. Eric M. Marie

    Good for you…keep your mind and heart open 😘

  2. Dustin Houston

    Go Fernando!!!!

  3. Great story! Being a gregarious person, I have to concur with Fernando in regards to taking an interest in the people you serve, as well as having a good sense of humor, contributing to customer satisfaction, nice.

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