A Tasker Proposal

John had been planning his proposal to Elise for weeks by the time he hired me as a Tasker. While Elise knew that the time was ripe for John to pop the question, she didn’t expect it would happen on the day of my task, a Tuesday morning. Dating long distance came with its challenges for John and Elise, but the couple had made it work over the years. They saw each other on weekends and stayed in touch throughout the day with calls, texts, and video. But they were ready for more, and they both knew it.

With all the coordination complete, John just needed to press “play” on his plan. First step: hiring me for the task.

When I arrived in Elise’s suburban neighborhood, John appeared a bit flustered. His task description had mentioned something about a marriage proposal, but it was vague. We met one block over from where his task—which was a mix of delivery and photography—would be taking place. The first step would be delivering a series of packages to Elise, which would then lead to John’s written proposal. The second step would be taking pictures of the special moments that would follow from across the suburban lake near Elise’s house.


The first delivery I made was a box of chocolates. This delivery wouldn’t raise any red flags, as Elise wasn’t expecting John to be around—he had been unavailable over the previous few days. A box of chocolates to his love said: “I’m sorry, I love you.”

A little while later, I feigned forgetfulness that I had just met Elise, and delivered another package to her house. This time, John sent her an album of memories: inside jokes, pictures, and quotes. Buried in the back of the album, John asked the ultimate question: Would she marry him?

In tears, shocked, and bewildered, Elise called John.

By this time, I had positioned myself strategically across the suburban lake to capture their surprise reunion—and the true moment of proposal—from afar. In order to find John, Elise needed to walk outside and go behind the house. John and I waited on pins and needles for what felt like at least thirty minutes. Finally, she came out of the house to find a trail of rose petals. When she reached John at the end of it, he got down on one knee. Across the lake and moments later, I received the “all clear”—she had said yes! I re-positioned myself and switched lenses to capture their special moment close up. We finished the task by taking even more photos, and then I hugged the couple, wishing them Mazel Tov.

My work here, as they say, was done!

Guest blog written by Tasker Xavier C.

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