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We love to hear stories about Taskers discovering their passions, talents, and confidence–particularly in the tasks they do and with the Clients they interact with. Tasker Elisabeth C. recently chatted with us about how she went from being disillusioned with her career path to being proud of the work she does on a daily basis. We were inspired and wanted to share her story!

Elisabeth came to TaskRabbit after noticing that her employer didn’t value integrity the way she did. Initially, she joined TaskRabbit just to be her own boss, but after doing a few tasks, she realized that her skill set—particularly in helping others and getting things done—offered a perfect way to live by her own standards.

Now, Elisabeth gets paid to do what she enjoys and excels at. And the best part? She’s now confident about what works for her professionally and what doesn’t. Here’s what Elisabeth had to say about her experience:

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

Personal ones, surprisingly. I was raised to be accommodating, “nice,” and to never say no. (You know the old saying about customers!) TaskRabbit, by its very nature, requires me to enforce boundaries: my safety and reputation come first. I only do the jobs I know I can do. I can now behave with my own standard of integrity, whereas I used to work in environments where integrity came second to sales quotas and unreasonably high demands. Working for myself through TaskRabbit allows me to decide what types of work I’ll allow into my life, and what types I won’t. In return, I earn a living actually feeling as if I’ve helped people and made a difference in their day.

What values and attitudes do you try to live by?

Being a good influence in the world matters to me a great deal. Integrity, kindness, and contributing positively to the world are things I strive to live by as much as possible!How

What was the most rewarding thing about your transition to becoming a Tasker?

I now take pride in the work I do. I’ve had people in my life dismiss my skills as something to look down at, but I’m very proud to use my skills to make life better for someone.

What is your best tasking memory?

I have three!

  • My first Client, Dan, hired me to finish cleaning a rental property he had, and it turned out that the tenants left a much bigger mess than he had thought. Since I had property management experience, I contacted him immediately to let him know what the situation was. He was thrilled that he had someone who could fix it, get the job done well, and not fleece him. We’ve had a fantastic working relationship ever since!
  • I once helped a Client’s teenage son reorganize his closet into something that made sense for him. It’s helped lessen stress in his family and their home.
  • I have cleaned homes that were distressing for the people living in them—often, they were recovering from a serious illness or life event. One of my Clients told me that she finally felt as if her apartment was a home again!

How has TaskRabbit improved or affected your life?

TaskRabbit has helped me to examine my priorities, my boundaries, and my goals. It has also helped me to see that I don’t need anyone’s permission but my own to achieve what I set out to do.

How can other Taskers follow your lead and be true to themselves?

Know what you are okay with, and what you are not. If you behave with solid principles about where you are firm and where you are flexible, working for yourself becomes easier. Here are a few situational examples:

  • If you’re someone who doesn’t mind working late, you can be flexible there; but later, you’ll need to be firm about time to sleep and to take care of yourself.
  • Setting your own rates means dancing with what you feel your skills are worth,  and what the market suggests.

When you are your own boss, you get to make these kinds of decisions that are best for you and your business!

We love hearing about Taskers like Elisabeth discovering new opportunities for growth and self-improvement through our platform. When it comes on top of the independence, flexibility, and financial stability that TaskRabbit offers, we consider it a win-win!


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