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We love to hear stories about go-getters and self-starters for obvious reasons. That’s why we were excited to hear from Tasker Andy M. about his experience of building his tasking business from the ground up in NYC, one of our busiest metros.

Andy has been in sales since he was old enough to work, and before becoming a Tasker, he ran a website that bought and sold high-end automobiles. Now that he’s in his 30s, Andy wanted to find a way to enjoy life on his own terms—and TaskRabbit was the unexpected answer. Here’s what Andy had to say when we chatted with him about what it took to achieve his high level of success:

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

That’s a funny story. Back in 2014, I was in between careers and had just earned my real estate license. I knew I needed another source of income while I was getting the ball rolling, and this was around the same time TaskRabbit was getting popular in NYC. Once I saw the potential and the demand for Help Moving tasks, I ended up sticking with it and working as a Tasker full time

What are your top 5 tips for Taskers?

My 5 tips for Taskers are this:

  • Take your time. Whether it’s when you’re scheduling with a Client or actually in the middle of a task, the last thing you want is to rush through it and try and do too much at once.
  • Make sure you get as much detail about the task as possible. This way, you know exactly what to expect, and can get an idea of how long each task will take. This will also enable you to maximize your schedule without overbooking yourself while also securing as many tasks as possible. This leads to my next tip, which is…
  • Don’t overbook! Like I said, it’s always best to try to get an idea of how long the task is going to take. Always leave a buffer in between tasks in case something out of your control happens and the task runs late.
  • Check out and invoice in front of the Client. I do this so that we are on the same page as far as expectations and pricing—it helps build trust between the Client and me, and has helped me secure some ongoing Client relationships.
  • Do whatever you can to go the extra mile. Always do your best on any task, and treat Clients with the same kindness that you would expect to receive. If you do, you’ll likely get a positive review under your belt, although sometimes I do remind Clients that reviews really do mean a lot to my business.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in life, and what types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve had to overcome was pivoting from real estate and building a new book of business from the ground up. Being in NYC in between jobs, I was extremely nervous and hesitant about which direction to go. TaskRabbit has definitely enabled me to be more responsible, because even though I’m my own boss, it takes a lot of effort to manage a full-time schedule and be successful.

What types of values and attitudes do you try to live by?

I always try to stay positive, even if I’m in a tough spot. We’ve all been at those jobs where either the people ended up not being a nice as you thought or something happened that you weren’t expecting. No matter what happens, just hold your composure and be as friendly and professional as you can, even if they are not.

What was the most rewarding task you’ve ever done?

My most rewarding task was helping a charity for special needs children move schools from Brooklyn to Manhattan. They repeatedly hire me on TaskRabbit for various things, and I’m their go-to guy!

To us, Andrew’s positivity and enthusiasm are contagious! We were thrilled to hear that TaskRabbit has given him a great opportunity to work for himself, control his schedule, and have the flexibility to work full time while still enjoying his 30s!

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  1. Such an inspiring account of experience. I really loved your tip on creating an invoice in front of the customer as well as to stay positive at all times. Thank you for sharing your story 😊

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