The Power of Upselling

One of the great things about the TaskRabbit platform is that it puts the power to be your own boss in your hands. You set your schedule, your rates, and the categories in which you want to task. You also have control over how you market your business.

Some of the easiest ways you can promote your independent business on TaskRabbit include having a great profile picture to help you show off your personable smile and writing detailed Skills & Experience pitches to show off your stellar skills. But did you know that another simple way to promote your business is to upsell?

Consider this: You’re at a Client’s home doing a Cleaning or Furniture Assembly task. As you glance around the apartment, you notice a squeaky door hinge, a broken dishwasher, or a handle that’s come loose. This is your moment to shine and upsell your skills! By letting your Client know that you’re able to help them with their other to-dos beyond the task at hand, you have the potential to book one—or many—more tasks with them.

Here are a few questions that you can use to help upsell your business either when you’re with a Client in-person or when you’re chatting with them in the app:

  • Are there any other to-dos on your list that I can assist with?
  • I see you have a [potential task to take care of], and I’m skilled in this category. Would you like me to take care of it for you?
  • I am also experienced in [insert name] category. Do you have any tasks in that category that I can assist with?

Another way to upsell with a Client before invoicing a task is to personalize your closing message. You can do this in your app under “View Profile” then “Closing Messages.” Here is a great spot for you to thank the Client for hiring you, let them know what other skills you have, and provide them with your profile URL link in case they would like to hire you again directly.

Remember: Upselling is an easy way to get repeat Clients and build your business, and you never know when a happy Client might refer you to one or more friends. As your network continues to grow, the tasking possibilities are endless!

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